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Exams this week…

MITCHELL’s WR 80 course is Online and the exam is also online in MOODLE–one 3 x 5 notecard allowed.

(MITCHELL also has an online MTH 10 course for which the exams are in MOODLE–no notes allowed on this one.)

ADAMS–PSY 110 course is a Telecourse and the Exam is Written–top file drawer. File the exams with the scantrons–we have enough copies.

BORROWDALE’s PHL 205 course is Live Interactive and it is a MOODLE exam–One 3 x 5 notecard is allowed.  Have students write their name and BORROWDALE on the cards and hand them in after testing.

MARTINEZ’s ECON 202 Exam #1 is a LECTURE course and the exam is WRITTEN–top file drawer–have students answer multiple choice on the scantron and answer short answer questions on the exam.

(MARTINEZ also has an ONLINE ECON 200 course for which the exams are Online in MOODLE.)

BURROWS’ ECON 201 and HUM 100 courses are Online and the exams are in MOODLE

BOYER’s HST 103 exam #1 is a for a LECTURE course, but the test is online in MOODLE.

ESCOBAR’s HST 203 Midterm and SARVIS’ HST 103 Midterm are in MOODLE, but they are both HYBRID classes.

KOLBUSS’ PSY 201 Exam #2 is in MOODLE for a LECTURE course.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you are unsure if a course is a LECTURE, HYBRID or ONLINE/Telecours/LiveInteractive course.  It really helps to have that info. entered correctly in the checkin screen, so I can get an estimate of what percentage of tests are for Distance Learning courses.

REMINDER–The Testing Center will be closed this Friday, May 3rd for Campus Inservice

We will be open normal hours on Saturday, May 4th from 9am-1pm as usual.

FYI: I added Ruscher and LePelley to the Instructor drop down list

Thanks for entering those in the comments field!

You shouldn’t have to do that for those Instructors anymore though…

Timesheets will be due Tuesday, 4/30 at 10am…

Please enter all hours worked/to be worked from Tuesday, April 16th through Tuesday April 30th.

Please sign your written timesheet and put it in my box and make sure the total number of hours entered in ExpressLane are the same as the total on the written time sheet.


Opinion: Video Games Taught Me How to Write | Polygon

For those of you who ask students to think about writing in (relation to) a variety of media, words of wisdom from a video game writer.

Opinion: Video Games Taught Me How to Write | Polygon.