Monthly Archives: March 2013

If you cannot find a written exam or if a MOODLE exam is not accessible…

For written exams, please check both file drawers.

For MOODLE exams, always try to log a student into a MOODLE exam, even if the date says the test is closed.  Instructors sometimes grant exceptions to students for exams taken after the test deadline date.

If you cannot locate an exam or if itis not available in MOODLE when the student logs in, then contact me and Email the Instructor.

Most Instructors do not have regular office hours during FINALS WEEK.  There is a Finals Week Office Hours schedule in the wire basket in the Written Lab–it’s also posted in the Social Science Office.


Timesheets are due Friday MORNING…

for hours worked March 1-15.

Next week you will need to fill out a separate timesheet for your FINALS WEEK hours, which will fall in the pay period from March 16-March 31.


BORROWDALE’s Extra Credit Exams for PHL 202 and PHL 203…

Please type, “Extra Credit Exam” in the comments field for students who take Borrowdale’s Extra Credit Exam–it’s not an option on the drop-down.

Enter EXAM #3 in the drop down menu.

Coats in the lab…

Students should be putting their coats in the cubbies… 😉