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Checkin List Log in Information

There is a Checkin List Login now.  (The Checkin List is different than the Checkin form that you enter the information into.)

For UserName:

For Password: Use the same password as you use to log on to the computers in the morning–it’s confidential, so please do not share it with anyone.

Whoever opens in the mornings should open a tab in Safari and open the Ccheckin List so that we can be verifying that our entries are being recorded, as we enter student data.

If you don’t know the password, then please ask me so that you can access the Checkin List regardless of whether or not you open the lab in the mornings.)

(NOTE:  If the Checkin stops working, remember to use the written forms on the clipboards at each station to record data.)


Washburn’s History 201 exam… is for a lecture class: Make-up exams for HST 102 in 2nd file drawer…

It is in the top file drawer.

Washburn also has some HST 102 Make-up exams in the 2nd file drawer–these have students’ names on them.


Timesheets are due Thursday morning, 1/31

Please include all hours worked/to be worked from 1/16 through 1/31.

Make sure the total hours that you write on your timesheet is equal to the total column in myLane.

Put your completed and signed timesheets in my box in the lab.


W-2 information from HR

For those employees who signed up to receive your W-2 electronically, please follow the directions below to retrieve your electronic copy of the W-2:
Sign in using L number and Password
At the Main Menu select “Employee Services”
Select “Tax Forms”
Select “W-2 Year End Earnings Statement”
Select 2012 from the “Tax Year” drop down menu
Click the “Display” button
At the bottom of the screen click the “Printable W-2” box
If you log in through ExpressLane you will NOT have to change the print parameters – simply select “Printable W-2” box and then print the W-2.
Sign in using L number and Password
Select “Employee” tab from the menu bar at the top of the screen
On the right hand side select “Prior Years W-2 Earning Statement”
Select 2012 from the “Tax Year” drop down menu
Click the “Display” button
At the bottom of the screen click the “Printable W-2” box
Once the W-2 is displayed on the screen, select print preview first
From the “Shrink To Fit” drop down menu select 90%
This will ensure that you will be printing the entire W-2 on one page
***Please note that you will need to print at least 3 copies – 1 for Federal, 1 for State and 1 for your personal records***
***For those employees who opted to continue to receive a paper W-2, they will be mailed this afternoon and you should receive yours in the mail within the next 2-3 days.***

Wonder Woman Visits WR 121!

Have you seen the TED Talk on the link between body language and confidence/success? I had my students practice this in class on Thursday, before I gave them a small group activity to conduct and then “teach” to the rest of the class–all on the 2nd day of the term! It functioned as an awesome “icebreaker” exercise (which Igenerally hate and strenuously avoid, but sometimes magic happens if people don’t actually know they’re doing “icebreakers”), and the reigning impression was that it worked really well.

After striking the Superhero (aka the “Wonder Woman”) and Victory poses for 1 minute each, in small groups they read, analyzed, and presented totally new information on literacy to the whole class: a group of people who, for all intents and purposes, were total strangers when they walked in the door that day. And they did a GREAT job. Not only that, after reading and teaching the handout on shifting definitions of literacy, the students had the best understanding of the content, far better than any previous group of students with whom I’ve shared the same handout (which is the starting point for their first formal essay assignment, the Critical Literacy Narrative). Afterward I explained some of the research in psychology around the posing exercises, and they seemed to appreciate and enjoy that as well. The related TED video is now on our Moodle course page, and you can watch it at the link below.

Some examples of how power posing can actually boost your confidence