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Notes on Revision

Here at the end of the term, as students work on finalizing their portfolios, essays, and end-of-course reflections, I thought a few notes on revision might be in order. I’ll start with this cool clip by Tim Weninger, a graduate student in computer science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, which shows timelapse video of a research paper in 463 distinct phases of composition and revision. Enjoy!


REMINDER: We close at 5pm on THURSDAY….

The lab will be officially closed Friday and Saturday.

Some Instructors may have students take emergency make-ups on Friday morning from 9am-Nooon, but then the lab will be closed until Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013, which is week 3 of next term. (Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.)


PLUNKETT’s FINALS for ART 202 and ART 209

have been cancelled.  The Instructor broke her arm.  There is a note from the Instructor in their MOODLE Announcement Forum.

Please note the students who are allowed to use electronic dictionaries…

One is for a LOFT CS 120 student and one is for a WALDEN PSY 201 student.

Notes are attached to the checkin computers

CANDEE’s PS 201 Final…

There are a few students who may request to take this written exam in the lab.

It’s in the 2nd file drawer.  Most students will be taking the Final in class.

If you cannot find an exam in the drawer or if a MOODLE exam is not open….

Please contact me and put the student’s contact info. in the Email that you send to the Instructor so that we can contact students when we get the exam…

SONGER’s GEOG 142 FINAL is written…

It is in the top file drawer.  The midterm was online.

The Instructor wrote the students’ names on the exams, so you will have to find their exam in the pile….

I put a class list in the third file drawer for us to use for filing the exams.


Walden’s (Leung’s) Finals for PSY 201 (Exam #5) and PSY 202 (Exam #4) are in the top file drawer….

Remember to ask students which exam they need–all the make-ups are in the 2nd file drawer, (except Exam #1 for both classes, which was online).

Note:  We have been filing the exams in the LEUNG folder (3rd drawer) so we don’t have to reach way back in the file drawer every time we need to file a test.

Please remember to file tests alphabetically and carefully check off the correct name on the class list.