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Please check student IDs carefully…

An Instructor reported that one of his student’s overheard some other students talking about attempting to cheat on their exams during FINALS because they do not think that we check photo ID’s very carefully.

The student told him that  it would be easy to have someone take and exam for them, because the ID pictures are hard to distinguish, especially for international students.

Please treat the above information as confidential.

This is also another reminder that if a student does not have ID, then s/he needs to have an Instructor vouch for her/him or come back with their ID.

If students have any questions about IDs or if you have questions, then please contact me or have the student contact me.






Please enter/submit your hours in myLane

if you have not already done so.  The copies of your timesheets should be in your boxes.

Friday staffing schedule

9 am – 2 pm Stephanie and Tracy

10am-2pm John

(From 10am-2pm one of you should be a “Floater”–collect tests, check to make sure students write their names on tests, file exams in alphabetical order and check off names on the class lists, walk around and proctor 😉  You should be able to take breaks easily since there are 3 of you scheduled during this time.

2-5pm Michayla and Julia

Remember to use the back up written check in form to capture data if the checkin fails and Instructions on Blue Binder if MOODLE fails.

Email Instructors as usual if there are exams missing or issues with MOODLE tests.

Thanks for your help!  It is greatly appreciated!




One CANDEE PS 201 Final

is in file drawer #2.  Most students will be taking the exam next week in class.

Walden (Leung’s) PSY 201 and PSY 202 Lecture exams…

PSY 201 Exam #4 is still in the top file.  (Exam #5 will be available Monday morning.)

PSY 202 Exam #3 is still in the top file.  (Exam #4 will be available Monday morning.)

PSY 201 make-ups for exam #2 and #3 are in the second file drawer.

Exam #1 for both courses were online in MOODLE.

Please turn in your timesheets by this Thursday.

I will be out of the office on Friday, 11/30  so I need to get them in on Thursday.

Please include all your hours worked/to be worked through Friday, NOV. 30th.

Include the TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS that you entered in myLane–that way I can verify that the total on your written timesheet is the same, since I don’t have access to your electronic timesheets.

Noise in neighboring rooms…

Some of Metzger’s students complained about noise in the neighboring class rooms yesterday.  If there is a video that is loud in CENTER 401 or if the Instructor is talking loudly in the GIS Lab (CENTER 455), then please offer students ear plugs.

It is also OK for students to move to the back room, where they will be less distracted.  If you notice that students are looking slightly agitated, then you might want to offer that they can use ear plugs/move to the back room–sometimes students don’t want to complain to us, but they will complain to the Instructor.

Let’s keep the walkie talkie at half volume, unless you go out in the hall to call me.  I had turned it up yesterday and it was too loud when I called down to the lab… OOPS!

Let me know if I should ask an Instructor to turn a video down in 401.  I’m thinking about posting a sign in CENTER 455, by the door, but sometimes Instructors stand there when they are teaching and it is loud–I’m not sure there’s much I can do about that!

Thanks for your help with this–I know this is frustrating for everyone!

Filing exams…

Please pay close attention when filing exams.

We have been finding exams miss-filed in the wrong folders and in one case, tests were filed in the note card file. Yesterday we found one of Anderson’s HST 101 exams that had been filed in the top file drawer with the scantron and essay sheet attached to the back of the exam–this could have accidentally been given to a student who hadn’t yet taken the exam.

If you have a question about whether a test needs to be re-used, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

There are usually Instructions on the exam, if the test needs to be re-used.

Thanks for your help with this!


We close at 2pm this Wednesday…

The college and testing center are closed Thursday-Sunday for the Thanksgiving Break.

We will open again with our regular hours for next week.

Saturday, DEC. 1st we will be open from 9am-2pm (instead of our normal 1pm closure time) for students who are able to take their Finals early.


For Teachers – Native American Heritage Month

Did you know it’s Native American Heritage Month? Here’s a wide array of educational resources that you might use in the classroom to help teach and honor our nation’s debt to American Indian/Native American peoples.

For Teachers – Native American Heritage Month.