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Exam 2 for Walden (Leung)

is WRITTEN–top file drawer.

Some students are still taking EXAM #1, which is on the COMPUTER, so be sure to ask students WHICH exam they need to take.

KOLBUSS’s PSY 201 Exam

is online.  It is a lecture course.

LOFT’s CS 120 Midterm

is online–this is an online course.  Student are not allowed to use any notes–you should remind them of this, because the Instructor lets them use their notes for the chapter quizzes.

GILDS’ Exams…

Kendra GILDS is teaching the PSY 203 and PSY 215 courses online–these exams are in MOODLE.

She also has some written make-up exams in the second file drawer for lecture students and occasionally for the online students.

More SMITH’s tests in top drawer…

SMITH’s PS225 WRITTEN Midterm exam is in the top drawer.  It is also on gold colored paper like the PS 208 exam.  (The remaining PS 208 exams have students names on them, for those who are making up the exam).

SMITH’s PS 205 exam is on yellow paper.

Please remind students to read the Instructions for these essay exams.  Have students ask staff if they need additional sheets of lined paper.

PLUNKETT’s ART 202 and ART 209 midterm exams

Please remind students to save frequently on these exams, because there are many essay questions and tell them to hit the submit button when they have completed the exam.

Also, make sure they are aware of the testing center policies, because this may well be the first exam they have taken in our testing center.


SARVIS’ HST 101 Midterm

is online.  This is a hybrid course.

No notes allowed.

ESCOBAR’s HST 201 Midterm

This is an online exam for this Hybrid course.

This exam is 90 questions, so please do not sign anyone into the exam unless s/he will have enough time to finish it.

Make sure students read the rules sheet and walk them into the exam room to show them how to use the NEXT button in order to save periodically, and that the SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH button is on the bottom of the second page where it shows whether or not they have completed each question.


TImesheets will be due again on Halloween….

So, please plan ahead and enter your hours on your written timesheet and in myLane.

Look for the TOTAL HOURS in myLane and enter that number at the bottom of your WRITTEN TIMESHEET.

Put your written timesheet in my box in the testing lab.


Kendra GILDS has taken over David LEUNG’s online PSY 201 course

These students do not take their exams in the testing center.