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Expanding higher ed to adults is essential for them and society (essay) | Inside Higher Ed

Here’s some of the latest on access in higher ed from the ever-incisive educational theorist Mike Rose (h/t to Susan ūüôā )–

Expanding higher ed to adults is essential for them and society (essay) | Inside Higher Ed.

Reading Instruction for ALL Students: A New Policy Brief from the NCTE

A new policy brief from the NCTE outlines the importance of reading instruction at every level of students’ education. The following passage, on approaches to reading that aid in the comprehension of challenging texts, may be¬†of partticular interest to college faculty:

research shows that reading comprehension depends on a more complex approach [than “close reading”]. Specifically,¬†reading comprehension results from the integration of two¬†models, text-based and situation-based. The text-based¬†model focuses on the way words are organized into sentences, paragraphs, and whole texts. The situation model¬†refers to the meaning that results from integration of the¬†text-based approach with the reader‚Äôs prior knowledge¬†and goals. Close reading is aligned with the text-based approach, and it encourages students to see meaning as one¬†right answer to be extracted from the text. Close reading is¬†often conflated with providing textual evidence for making¬†a claim about a text, but any approach to reading can insist¬†on warrants for interpretations of texts. By itself, then,¬†close reading cannot ensure that students will develop¬†deep understandings of what they read.

In addition, the brief includes a nice list of “Implications for Instructional Policy” that offers practical suggestions and proven strategies that “support students’ learning to read complex texts across grade levels and disciplines” (16).

A free PDF of the entire policy brief can be downloaded at:

The Science of Procrastination – And How To Manage It – YouTube

Your students might find this nifty little video (less than 3 minutes!) on the science of procrastination both fun and helpful. Enjoy!

via The Science of Procrastination – And How To Manage It – YouTube.

The Year of Feedback: Best Practices for Teaching Grammar in College

Here’s a YouTube version of the presentation I gave at inservice the other day. It’s based on the plenary talk delivered by Paul Kei Matsuda at the Council of Writing Program Administrators 2012 conference this summer in Albuquerque, NM as well as a wonderful chapter on grammar and correctness in John Bean’s¬†Engaging Ideas:¬†The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom.¬†

The first few slides attempt to develop a little bit of context for the conversation, and the final half of the slide show gives specific, practical suggestions for making feedback more effective in the teaching of grammar. Of course, during the presentation I was able to discuss each of the points in more depth and detail, but I’d be happy to provide additional commentary for anyone who might be interested.

And one final note: the slide show runs fast, but I figured it would be easier to pause and read then play again rather than having to fast-forward, stop, rewind, etc.


Here’s a link to a sample grammar log, which is referred to in the presentation, as well: ¬†


Times, They Are A-Changin’

Welcome back, everyone! Thought you’d enjoy this little gem from XKCD:¬†A webcomic of romance,¬†sarcasm, math, and language.

Tomorrow… Thursday, 9/13

Here is the schedule of who is working when:

Lance is working 9am-5pm

Amanda is working 9am-1pm

Jeremiah is working 12:30-5pm

Amanda offered to stay all day if Jeremiah is out sick tomorrow and John’s number is still on a post-it on checkin computer #1, if you needed to call someone else in.

Lance, if you can please put completed exams in Instructors’ boxes for me and initial in the written test tracking book for me, then Instructors can grade any tests that are completed tomorrow.

Thanks for all of your help.

The lab will open week 3 of the term which is October 8th, so I will be contacting you by Email regarding your schedules in the next few weeks.