Monthly Archives: July 2012

This week…


Just a reminder that we have Clint SMITH’s PS 202 Exam #1 ending this Wednesday, 8/1 and Andy ROTHGERY’s SPAN 103 Exam #2 ending this Thursday, 8/2.

Stephanie will put SMITH’s exams in his box in Social Science and Korena is going to put Andy ROTHGERY’s exams in his box before the LLC Dept. office closes at 5pm Thursday.

Please Email Instructors if there are any issues with students making up exams. Stephanie will be here all 3 mornings, so she is going to check my box for new written make-up tests each day this week.

Also, just a reminder to call the ATC at x3377 if there are any issues with MOODLE and follow the Instructions on the blue binder.

Thanks for your help this week!  Enjoy the chocolate!

If anyone asks, I will be back in the office on Monday, August 6th.



Just a reminder:

BURROWS teaches HUM 100 online (Humanities 100)  No note card allowed.

BORROWDALE teaches REL 203 online (He teaches Religion and Philosophy (PHL) classes) One 3 x 5 note card allowed.

Note Cards Reminders…

Students are allowed to use one 3 x 5 note card for BORROWDALE’s REL 203 Exams.

Please have students write their name and the Instructor’s name on the note card prior to testing.

Tell students they must hand the note card in when the test is completed–you should be asking them to turn their note card in as they are leaving.

For online exams, please file the note cards in the folders provided.

For written exams that allow note cards, please have students hand in the note card with the exam.  Remember written tests for which a note card is allowed will be on light blue paper or they will be marked with “One 3 x 5 note card allowed”.

Always ask students if they have a note card if you know they are allowed to take one. If the note card is larger than 3 x 5 then offer that they can either copy the note card on a 3 x 5 card or they can cut the card down to size.

If a student becomes disgruntled over a note card, then feel free to call me–I will gladly explain their options!




Timesheets due Week of July 9th…

Please enter all hours worked between July 1st-July 15th. Enter your hours online and also on your timesheet and put it in my box–write in the total number of hours in the box at the bottom of the form–the total should match the total that you entered in myLane.