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I will be out of the office, Friday, June 1st…

Please Email Instructors, as usual, if there are issues with exams/students.

I hope MOODLE is not an issue.  If it is, then there are some Instructions on the front of the blue binder to follow.

Erin and Stephanie are putting some tests in MARTINEZ’s box for me at the end of the day.  The rest I can put in Instructors’ boxes on Monday.

Also, there are no tests in my box now, but if you cannot find a written exam for a student, then feel free to look in my box in the Social Science Office, if a student is there and needing to take a test.

Thanks for all of your help!



There are still make-ups in the second file drawer for the midterm, which has 2 parts.  Students can take the first part and then go take a break before you give them part B, or they can come back another day and take part B.

The whole class is taking Part B of the FINAL–that is in the top file drawer. One copy is for a student who is taking both part A and part B in the testing center–her name is on the exam.

LEUNG’s PSY 203 online exams for his Lecture classes…

FYI–The deadline for exam #4 was initially scheduled for Friday, 6/1, but the Instructor changed it to next Tuesday, 6/5.

Just thought I’d let you all know, since there may be some confusion about this.

NOTE: When checking students into LEUNG’s exams, please be sure to ask them which exam they want. Exam #5 is the Final, which is optional.

DEFILIPPO’s PSY 203 Lecture exam #3

is in the second file drawer for students to make-up.

Students are allowed to use ONE note card only for this exam.

There is one copy of Exam #1 in the same folder, if a student needs to make up that exam.

Exam #2 has been given back to the Instructor.

Thursday, May 31st…

I will be in a meeting in BLDG 3, Boardroom from 11am-Noon.

Timesheets are due by Noon Thursday, May 31st…

Please enter hours worked from May 16th through May 31st and put the written timesheet in my box.

Write in the total number of hours at the bottom of your timesheet–make sure it matches the total entered in ExpressLane!


I left Finals Schedules in everyone’s box–please double check when your finals are scheduled and shade in when you are available to work FINALS WEEK.

The Testing Center is open 8am-8pm MON-WED June 11th-June 13th and 8am-5PM on THURSDAY, JUNE 14th. We are officially closed on FRIDAY, but we will staff the lab from 9-NOON for students who have EMERGENCY MAKE-UP exams.


There is one Spanish exam for Roma CUSIMANO’s student in drawer #2.

Just letting you know because normally Language students take their exams in the Language and Listening Lab, but this student must be planning to come in after they close at 4:30pm.

Please do not send this student to the Language and Listening Lab–there was some confusion apparently last time she came to take the exam here.

Defilippo PSY 236 WRITTEN Exam

in second file drawer.

I think this may be a make-up from last term.  The instructor indicated that the student is expecting a computer (MOODLE) exam, but it is WRITTEN.


Tips For Conducting An Observation 2012 – YouTube

For students coin primary research, here are some tips for conducting an observation from  our friends over at Boise State University: