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Trouble shooting with Pass Phrases…

If a student is having trouble logging in to a MOODLE exam:

1) If the student has just changed the pass phrase within the last half hour, then their old PIN may still work…  There is a short lag time between when a student changes their pass phrase in myLane and when it populates over to MOODLE.

2) Check to make sure the L# has 8 numbers–it is common for students to type too many or too few zeros.

3) Remind students that it is case-sensitive–meaning, that it matters if you used capital or lower-case letters.

34) There should be at least one letter and one number in the pass phrase.

5) The old PIN was only the first 6 characters–now students have to type in the whole pass phrase.

6) Have the student log in to myLane using the pass phrase.

7) If you have done all of the above and the student still cannot access MOODLE, then we should try to call Enrollment Services and have the pass phrase re-set–you can call me and I will do this.

8) If a student is not able to access an exam due to a pass phrase issue, then please call me so I can try to help and make sure to Email the Instructor to document that the student was here.

Thanks for your help with this!

Bill Burrows left us chocolate!

Thanks for helping him with his students!

Medical Terminology (HO 100) Written Exams

for Cindy MANNING’s students are in the second file drawer.

There are 5 copies–some say version A, some say version B–it doesn’t matter which copy you give to students.  Just make sure they put their name on the scantron and tell them there is a fill-in-the-blank part at the end of the exam.

Timesheets are due Monday at Noon

Please have them in my box Monday morning.

Include all hours worked from 4/16 through 4/30, including any hours to be worked Monday 4/30 in the afternoon/evening.


One Spanish 203 exam in 2nd file drawer…

One of Roma Cusimano’s SPAN 203 students has an exam in the 2nd file drawer.

Most Spanish exams are given in the Language Lab, but this person needs to come in to take the exam in the evening when the Language Lab is closed.

Friday, May 4th Testing Lab is Closed

Campus is closed for Staff Inservice.

The Testing Lab is open Saturday, May 5th as usual from 9am-1pm.

Wilkinson’s PTA 133 students

are testing today.

No note cards are allowed on this PTA exam.

David LEUNG’s PSY 203 Course is a LECTURE course

The test is online via MOODLE, but it is for his LECTURE students.

Just to keep us on our toes!

DEFILIPPO’s PSY 203 Exams…

Barb DEFILIPPO has an online PSY 203 (Psychology) course which is online via MOODLE and she has PSY 203 LECTURE classes for which there are WRITTEN exams in the 2nd file drawer.

Please be careful you do not give an online student a WRITTEN PSY 203 exam.  Also, there are only 2 copies of this exam, so we will need to re-use the exams. If the test is not written on, then please attach another essay sheet and scantron to the exam and put it back in the file for another student to take.

File the essay and scantron in the 3rd file drawer.  If a student does not take the essay part of the exam, then please write “No Essay” on a post-it and attach to the scantron.  Students should hand in all parts of the exam, whether or not they take the essay part.

Please let me know when we get low on essay sheets, since we only have 5 of them and I do not know how many students will be making up this exam.  The extra essay sheets and scantrons are attached to the back of the folder in drawer #2.

Students are allowed to use one 3 x 5 note card for both DEFILIPPO’s  lecture and online PSY 203 courses .  Please be sure to have students write their names and “DEFILIPPO” on their note cards and have them hand in the cards when they are finished testing.

Online (MOODLE) Make-up exams from Winter Term

Please contact me if there is an issue with trying to log students into exams from last term.

Both David LEUNG and Barb DEFILIPPO have told me that they still have students needing to take exams from Winter term,

For WINTER TERM courses have not yet been archived, so have students log in to the current term as usual.

If the student’s course does not come up after they log in, then please contact me because I can check the Instructors’ settings in MOODLE.

Thanks for your help with this!