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A Note on/for the “Untogether Student”

A constructive note, for faculty and students alike, from the Tenured Radical over at the Chronicle blogs.

Friday afternoon/Saturday staff

Please sharpen some pencils if it gets quiet, so we are ready for Finals Week.


Test Problem Report…

There is a new Test Problem Report! (This is the Email Instructor link)

Just in time for Finals Week!

Please start using it to send Instructors an Email if there are issues with exams… I will automatically get an Email sent to me when you Email an Instructor.

Field Notes: A Glimpse Inside Great Explorers’ Notebooks | Brain Pickings

Here’s a wonderful link for faculty members who might be using Barry Lopez’s work this year. Lopez, the author of Arctic Dreams, Of Wolves and Men, and “A Dark Light in the West: Racism and Reconciliation” (among many others), is the Lane Community College Reading Together author for 2011-2012. Especially for those who may be reading “The Naturalist,”  included in Vintage Lopez, our selected collection of some of his most famous essays, you’ll find this wonderful array of notebook entries fascinating as well as instructive. They include drawings, prose, watercolors, and photographs that focus a multifaceted lens on the naturalist’s curious, curious mind.

Field Notes: A Glimpse Inside Great Explorers’ Notebooks | Brain Pickings.

Spring Term Schedules…

If you haven’t given me your Spring term availability, then please do so before you leave for Spring Break.


Just a reminder that for the BT 165 exams for BOOZER and HOWARD, there are 2 parts.

Students should take the timed computer part first.

When they are finished, they should come get the written part and we need to be sure to write the time that they start and stop the written part on the exam in the blanks provided.

Last Friday, one student only took the written part of the exam.

If a student takes more than one exam…

Please make separate entries for each exam that a student takes.

Same thing for multiple attempts–we need to count each attempt.

Thanks for your help with this!

Timesheets are due Thursday morning the latest…

Please have them in my box no later than Thursday am so I can turn them in on time.

Include all hours worked/scheduled for March 1st thru 15th.

Double check that the number of hours you submit online matches the total number of hours on the written timesheet and WRITE the TOTAL NUMBER of HOURS on the TIMESHEET.


BORROWDALE’s PHL 202 and PHL 203 Exams…

Jeff BORROWDALE’s PHL 202 (Theories of Knowledge) and PHL 203 (Theories of Reality) courses have an optional EXTRA CREDIT EXAM this week.

The FINAL EXAMS for these classes are next week.

Please be sure to ask students for these classes which exam they want before clicking on it, so we don’t have students sitting down to take the Final and thinking they are taking the Extra Credit Exam and vice versa.

Also, please note in the comments section of the Checkin if the student is taking the Extra Credit Exam.

College Completion: Graduation Rates and Data for 3,800 Colleges

Yes, our own Lane CC makes an appearance in the data. We outstrip other institutions by FAR in per-completion spending, but this is likely tied to the fact that our rate of student “completion” is so very, very low. That, of course, is based on an incredibly narrow definition of “completion,” which doesn’t include part-time students, students who transfer for completion, students who stop-out, and students who’ve attended college before, ever. (And yes, that’s pretty much Lane’s entire student body.) Still, the data are interesting, particularly in light of the move toward “achievement compacts” (away from FTE) and emphasis on college “completion” that was recently endorsed by Governor Kitzhaber–a plan that is currently being promoted across the state by the OEIB. You can do side-by-side comparisons by institution or by state, and did I mention that the graphics are awesome? It’s definitely worth taking a look:

College Completion: Graduation Rates and Data for 3,800 Colleges.