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SALT’s SOC 205 exams…

Jim SALT has a SOC 205 TELECOURSE (computer test in MOODLE) and written make-up exams for his LECTURE SOC 205 class (drawer #2).

Defilippo’s PSY 202 Exams…

Barb Defilippo has PSY 202 ONLINE students and PSY 202 LECTURE students.

The online test #3 is in MOODLE and the lecture make-ups are written exams in the 2nd file drawer.

This will make you smarter (really)

A fascinating new contribution from the folks over at Edge is now available. This year’s collection centers on the question: “What scientific concept will improve everybody’s cognitive toolkit?”

Last week I was talking to my WR 115 class about “reflective learning” as one kind of meta-cognition, and this book could potentially help expand our metacognitive abilities–both students’ and teachers’–in a big way. In terms of writing and especially the teaching of writing, we ask our students to get metacognitive every time we put them together to workshop drafts of their essays, when they think/write about their own writing experiences and practices (in postwrites, revision plans, self-assessment, etc), and when they reflect back on their work in our composition courses as they prepare final portfolios, just to name a few.

Those of you thinking about Lane’s core abilities (which are currently under revision) and/or considering undertaking a critical thinking assessment project will find this book especially timely and, at least from what I’ve seen so far, a pleasure to read, to boot. You can find a description and some wonderful excepts from the text over at Brainpickings (a personal favorite and fabulous resource for all things “cultural” for the curious mind):

This will make you smarter (really).

Timesheets due Wednesday morning!

February 29th!

Happy Leap Year!

Please have your timesheets in my box Wednesday morning and remember to submit your hours online from Feb 16th through the 29th.

Alice WARNER’s MTH 10A class

does test here in our Lab.

The test link was not open earlier today, so that caused some confusion! It’s open now! 🙂

Please remember to give these students a sheet of scratch paper that says, “TURN IN AFTER TEST”.

If someone leaves their ID, glasses, phone in the lab…

Please place lost and found items in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet and send me an Email if you find someone’s ID or other lost item. If you know who left the item, then please put the person’s name on it and the date and time they were in the lab.

We’ve had a couple people recently saying that they think they left their IDs and one person who thinks he left his iPhone in the Lab–does anyone have any info. on lost and found items?

BOYER’s make-up exams…

are in the 2nd file drawer.

Apparently a student came in to take the exam, and staff said we didn’t have it…

Remember to check both the 1st and 2nd file drawer for written tests.


Thanks everyone for rocking the lab this week–you proctored over 600 exams between Monday and Friday!

Please make sure to submit entries in the Checkin Screen…

For some reason today I was searching to find out when 2 of GILDS’ students had taken make-up exams, to be sure they’d taken the exams before the deadline date the Instructor had set, and I could not find them anywhere in the checkin list and I tried searching several different ways.

If you leave the checkin list open in one tab and the checkin screen, where you enter the student info. in another tab, then you can check periodically to make sure that your entries are being recorded.

Students getting up and leaving in the middle of tests…

This week has been crazy busy in the lab and we have had about 5 people just get up and leave during their exams to use the rest room, which is not OK.

As a general rule, if you know it is a long exam, like Khalsa, Escobar, Plunkett and Clint Smith’s exams, then please be proactive and tell students to use the rest room before they start their exams. I know, one more thing to build into your spiel, but please do it–it ends up saving the hassle of having student leave and then having to inform Instructors–not to mention it is to the student’s benefit not to leave during the exam.

We tell them to read the rules, but like the cell phone issue, that’s something that we just need to verbalize prior to having the student start the exam.

I will try to schedule a 3rd person in the lab on days when it is so busy, (although this can be hard to predict), because I know it’s impossible to be fully attentive to 2 rooms of testers when you are busy checking students into exams! As well, the set up in the lab is not ideal, because ideally one checkin station would be right near the front door.