Monthly Archives: January 2012

Borrowdale’s PHL 202 classes…

Please ask Borrowdale’s PHL 202 students if they are in the class that is totally online or the hybrid section of PHL 202–Theories of Knowledge.

Both sections of Borrowdale’s PHL 203 courses–Theories of Reality–are Live Video courses, so check “Yes” on that last checkin question for PHL 203.


Closing Shift folks–Shutting Down the Testing Computers…

Please continue to shut down the Testing Computers using the command in the Apple Remote Desktop instead of shutting them off individually.

Thanks for keeping notes in the log book!

It’s really helpful if you take notes in the log book, if there are issues with the testing and/or checkin computers.

Please also send me an Email at: when you make an entry so I know to read the log book.


Scratch paper for MTH 10–Alice WARNER

Most of you already know this, but just in case:

Please give the MTH 10 students one full sheet of scratch paper and file the scratch paper in the 3rd filing drawer under, “Warner” this term.


Checkin Data

If the Instructor’s name and/or the course number are not in the drop down menus, please remember to type that info. in the COMMENTS field on the checkin screen.


LEUNG’s courses this term

FYI–David LEUNG is teaching PSY 202 which is a LECTURE course and PSY 203, which is ONLINE.

Please be aware when you are entering information in the CHECKIN to enter PSY 202 vs PSY 203 correctly–best way to do this is to open the MOODLE page first before you enter the information in the checkin screen.

Student for Khalsa’s CJA 201 exams

Please see note taped to checkin computers re: one student who is allowed to use an electronic spell checker (NOT an electronic dictionary).

Test Problem Report…

Please Email me directly if there are issues with exams–the Email Instructor Form, aka “Test Problem Report” is not currently working.

Welcome Back Everyone!

Thanks to all of you for your help last term–we proctored over 4,000 exams!!!!