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REMINDER–Hours this Saturday and Finals Week Hours

We are open this Saturday, December 3rd, from 9am-2pm. (Staying open an hour later than usual.)

Finals Week:

Mon-Wed: 8am-8pm
Thurs: 8am-5pm (closing early)
Fri/Sat: Closed (although Instructors do send students to take Emergency Make-ups on Friday morning from 9am-Noon–we don’t advertise this to students)

LEUNG’s PSY 201 Exams

LEUNG’s Lecture PSY 201 students are taking Exam #5

LEUNG’s Online PSY 201 students are taking Exam #4

Metzger’s SOC 204 exam…

Please make sure students write the correct date on their scantrons–they get extra credit if they take the exam on Tuesday, 11/22 instead of Wednesday, 11/23.

Thanksgiving week hours Reminder….

The Center 456 Testing Hours next week are:

MONDAY, NOV. 21st: 9am-7pm

TUESDAY, NOV. 22nd: 9am-7pm



For hours the remainder of the term:

Test for METZGER’s SOC 204 student…

One of Rod Metzger’s SOC 204 students needs to take Exam #2 early on Monday, Nov. 21st–that exam is written–2nd file drawer. It’s on GOLD paper.

The rest of the class will start taking the exam next Tuesday, NOV. 22nd–that one will be in the top file drawer, starting on Tuesday…and, it’s PINK!

For METZGER’s students we need to check and make sure students have put the date on their scantrons and that it is the correct date–they get extra credit for taking the exam early.

Welcome to the Center 456 Testing Announcements Blog!

This is a blog for testing staff to read about late-breaking testing news!!!

HOWARD’s PTA 101 students…

will be testing in the lab tomorrow–Wednesday, 11/16/11.

Please be sure to try to seat these students far away from the checkin areas.

The exam is timed, so as usual, with timed exams, please send the student to the testing station and then wait for her/him to give you the thumbs up, before you click on the start button for the exam.

Disability Resources contacted me about a student who is allowed to wear headphones–see post-it note at checkin stations. He should not be interrupted during his exam–I think he is coming in first thing Wednesday morning. Normally we do not allow students to wear headphones during their exams and students are never allowed to use iPods, etc.

Students should not be bringing in their Disability Accommodations forms and showing them to us. If there is ever a question about a student who needs accommodations, please refer the student to talk to me, because we want the student to be accommodated. We just may not be able to accommodate them in our testing center.


Please have your timesheets filled out and in my box by Tuesday am, 11/15.

Include all hours worked/to be worked for 11/15/11.

Also, make sure the total in myLane equals the total on the written time sheet.

LETS folks, please make a copy of your submitted timesheet.


Write to Learn in Energy Management

Yesterday I gave a brief presentation on how to improve student writing for our Energy Management program. I included the main points below under the broader rubric of “sometimes less is more”–both in teaching as well as in writing. In looking at a few additional resources that I could recommend for the EM faculty, I found this related journal article on using microthemes in fish and wildlife management courses, including a thoughtful rubric (another topic I touched on in the presentation). I’ll continue to add to this post as I build a Teaching/Writing Toolbox for for Energy Management at Lane.

Improving Student Writing: How to Do More with Less

For Starters:

  • make your own assumptions about writing and your expectations of students explicit
  • identify learning goals or outcomes for each assignment
  • use a rubric to assess student writing
  • share the rubric with students
  • give students an assignment sheet, and include the above in it

Middle of the Road:

  • low stakes writing—more small assignments (e.g., muddiest point / clearest point; microthemes): increases comprehension and fluency in writing about content
  • use multiple drafts for high stakes assignments
  • use a portfolio / delayed grading model
  • have students keep an error log for technical and mechanical issues in writing (punctuation, sentence boundaries, etc)
  • don’t “correct” student error; identify it, explain its rhetorical impact, and offer a few suggestions for how the student can address the issue
  • have students assess themselves using the rubric before submitting an assignment

Wrapping it Up:

  • keep it simple (less is often more when it comes to commenting on student writing as well)
  • don’t mark everything
  • spend the most time commenting on the issues in student writing that REALLY matter to you


I will be out of the office on 9/10/11

Hope today goes well. Please Email Instructors and/or me if there are issues that come up.

If the checkin system goes down, then please write students’ names on the clipboard.

If MOODLE goes down, then follow the Instructions on the front of the blue binder.

Have a good three day weekend!

Here’s everyone’s schedule today:
Erin: 9am-1:30pm
Lauren: 9am-4pm with a half hour break before 1:30.
Claire: 2-7pm or was it 2:30-7pm?
Tichelle: 4-7pm