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Clint SMITH’s Political Science Exams…

Clint Smith has two WRITTEN exams in the top file drawer.

PS204 and PS 225.

NOTE: No notes allowed on his exams–he accidentally put the PS 225 exam on BLUE paper.

Please emphasize to students to READ theINSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

New Checkin

Most of you have seen the new Checkin screen in GOOGLE Docs.

Please enter information from the Checkin Link. If this link gets somehow deleted, (like it did yesterday) then I saved an icon on the desktop which you can drag onto the Bookmark Toolbar and name it Checkin. Please do not trash my icon, so it’s always there if we need it. The URL is very LONG.

The Checkin List shows a list of students who have checked in to exams. If you need to Edit an entry then please go to View>Lists and click on the Edit Link next to the entry you wish to edit. If you edit from the spreadsheet view, then you could potentially delete the entire spreadsheet…

You can click twice on the word “Checkin” above the times on the Edit screen and you should see the most recent entry at the top.

Please refresh the Checkin List screen after you enter a student’s information to check that entries are being recorded.

Please ask me to show you these features, if I haven’t shown you already.

BOYER’s HST 101 and HST 201 exams

There are 2 exams in the top file drawer for Bill BOYER’s students.

The HST 101 exam is YELLOW and GREEN. THERE ARE 2 SCANTRONS attached to these exams.
When you set students up for this exam, please explain to them that they need to use one scantron for Part I (yellow) and the 2nd scantron for Part II (green).
File the completed exams with the scantrons for the HST 101 exam–we will not re-use these exams.
There is a class list in the drawer

The HST 201 exam is YELLOW. (Not to be confused with Clint SMITH’s PS 204 Exam which is also yellow…)
We will be re-using these exams, so file just the scantrons in the completed test drawer–check off names on the class list and arrange in alphabetical order, as usual.


OOPS–one of Jody ANDERSON’s HST 101 students was given the HST 104 TELECOURSE exam yesterday by mistake and he took it and didn’t realize he’d taken the wrong exam.

We need to be sure when we are giving out those WRITTEN TELECOURSE exams that we ask students if they are in the TELECOURSE.

Sheila BRODERICK also has students from LECTURE classes who make-up exams in our testing center.

The Make-up exams for ANDERSON and BRODERICK are in the 2nd file drawer.

Students do not say they are here for a “make-up” exam, so you may have to ask some clarifying questions.

If students are not sure which course they need an exam for, then please have them print their ExpressLane schedule and look up the Instructor using the CRN #. Ask me if you do not know how to do this.

ECON 200 Exams

Phil MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 Exam #1 for his LECTURE students is in the top file drawer.

Please make sure to check that students are in the LECTURE class, not his ONLINE ECON 200 class.

REMEMBER to remind students NO CALCULATORS for MARTINEZ’s ECON exams.

Bill BURROWS has an ECON 200 online exams and sometimes students from his lecture class take exams in the lab. He does allow calculators.


are due on Halloween–that’s MONDAY!

Please have your timesheets filled out, signed and in my box by Monday, 9am–that means, if you work on Monday, please put the hours that you will be working on the timesheet.

Please also print a copy of the your hours from MyLane after you submit so that I can verify that the total in MyLane matches the total that is on your timesheet.

New staff, please have me show you how to submit your time on the computer.

California community college task force pushes big changes | Inside Higher Ed

California community college task force pushes big changes | Inside Higher Ed.

One more thing for Friday…

There are no written exams in my box as of 6:21pm Thursday.

If you cannot find a written exam in the lab tomorrow, then feel free to check in my box in Social Science and retrieve the test for a student who is there wanting to take an exam.

It is always OK for teachers to bring a student to the lab with an exam that s/he is needing to make-up right then–just make sure the student leaves the exam in the lab and I’ll put it back in the teacher’s box on Monday.

Friday Staff…

Just a reminder that I will be out of the office today–Friday, Oct 21st.

We are still having to remotely access each of the testing computers when we open in the mornings–I have put in a request to have that fixed.

If you accidentally don’t unlock a station and it freezes or you get a white screen, then you will need to re-boot that testing computer by holding down the on/off switch in the back of the computer (left side).

I will bring my laptop, but I am not sure if there will be wi-fi–I’ll check Email tomorrow if I can…

If there is an issue with a student’s exam, then just Email Instructors as usual, and I will get a copy and can follow up if need be with students/Instructors on Monday. It’s helpful if you include the student’s contact information (i.e. cell #) in the Email so that I can call the student.

David LEUNG moved his test deadline for the PSY 201 LECTURE class to Friday, OCT 21st, but alot of students took it already.

Steve CANDEE’s PS 201 Exam #1 deadline is Saturday, but you will probably see alot of his students tomorrow too.

Remember, if MOODLE goes down to have students write down their answers and have students who are unable to test write their info. down on the tracking sheet in the blue binder, so we can document who was there.

Thanks for all your help!!!

Science Resource Center Hours during the term…

FYI: The SRC hours are:

Monday-Wednesday 7 am to 6:30 pm
Thursday 7 am to 3 pm
Friday 7 am to 12 pm

NOTE: The hours will be different during Finals Week.

Some students taking Science courses are also allowed to take their Exams at the SRC.

FLATT’s students CAN take the exam in our lab as well.

Also, students for GS 142 with Mike MITCHELL and MILEs’ students can use either lab for testing.