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Please Email Instructors if there are issues with exams, including if a student comes in too late to start an exam, so that we can document that a student was here.

Also, if MOODLE goes down, then please follow the Instructions written on the front of the blue binder–again, it’s important to document who was here if MOODLE goes down and to get students’ contact info.

Please also remember to write down approximately when MOODLE went down and the time it starts working again.

For MOODLE issues ( i.e. if you suspect that MOODLE is down), call the Academic Tech Center at 541-463-3377, or call Michael Levick at 541-463-3349.

If there is a serious MOODLE issue, then ask the person who answers at the ATC to contact Kevin Steeves, MOODLE administrator.

Please make sure that the white binder gets put away in the 3rd filing drawer at night.

Teresa will be checking my box in the mornings for exams that Instructors may have put in there and she will be putting the completed exams in Instructors’ boxes.

GRAY’s CS 120 midterm

Here is the Instructor’s (Michael Gray’s) cell number in case there are issues with the CS 120 exam:


I will be out of the office…

this Wednesday, Thursday and next Monday.

I will leave a list of staff contact information in my box in the Testing Lab, in case you need to call to have someone replace you on your shift, or if someone is out sick and you want to call someone else to come in.

Cassidy’s HO 100 Midterm

The Instructor is extending the deadline, so log students into this exam in MOODLE as usual.

Timesheets for the July 16-31 pay period…

I will need timesheets by Tuesday the 26th, since I will be out of the office Wed. July 27th, Thurs. 28th and Monday August 1st.

So, you will need to put the times you are scheduled to work for the 27th and 28th of July.

Please also print your ExpressLane page once you have submitted your time.


Plunkett’s Art 202 Midterm

This one will require a password too–ask me if you need to know it.

Remember on this exam especially to remind students to save their work after each essay.

Password for Cassidy’s HO 100 Midterm

Ask me if you need this password.

This exam is 100 multiple choice, so do not sign students into this exam after 4pm.

Also, remind them to save frequently.

ID cards for staff…

I thought it would be great if staff had some sort of ID to designate us as Staff–actually Michael had this idea–so here’s the scoop:

Between the hours of 8am-1pm you can go to Public Safety and ask for Jim Harris. You can call the non-emergency number 541-463-5558 before you head over there to make sure he’s there first, since it is over in the Elex Building next to the Science Building.

Here’s where public safety is located:

Bring a photo ID and your L# with you and please do this during your work time so that you can get paid for your time.


Timesheets are due this week…

I need them by 11am Wednesday, July 13th.

Please enter all hours worked from July 1st-15th.

Note: please include hours to be worked for Thursday, July 15th

In addition to the timesheet, please print out a copy of the hours you have submitted in ExpressLane so that I can verify that the total on the timesheet which I sign and the total i ExpressLane is the same.

You may have to select “preview” to show the entire timesheet and to fit it onto one page, choose landscape.

Let me know if you need help figuring out how to print the timesheet from ExpressLane.

Password Required for Mike Mitchell’s GS 142 Exam

Please ask me if you do not already have a password to access Mike Mitchell’s GS 142 Exam.

Also, students taking Mike Mitchell’s GS 142 exam can also take it in the Science Resource Center (SRC), which is in Building 16. I would rather that we NOT send people to Bldg. 16 though if they are already here to take the exam. The SRC closes earlier than we do during the week days, so it is likely that we will see some of his students.

The Science Resource Center also does have some open hours on Saturdays–the number is 541-463-5041.