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BURROWS–HUM100 Exam #2

We will still need to use a password to access BURROWS’ Humanities 100 exams.

Please use the same password that we used for exam #1.

If you don’t remember the password, then please ask me–do not say the password out loud in front of students.

Thanks for your help with this.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon, so that we won’t have to use a password for some exams.

MTH 10–Adrienne MITCHELL

This test is on the computer!

Students taking MTH 10 should be given a piece of scratch paper which they will need to put their name on and turn in–they are not allowed to use their own scratch paper.

MTH 10 is not on the course drop-down list, so enter it in the comments.

Please remember to show students how to save without submitting on this exam and how to submit and have them read the rules, etc. as usual.


Hours this Saturday and FINALS WEEK

Reminder that we are open an extra hour this Saturday, June 4th–open 9am-2pm

FINALS week:

Mon-Wed: 8am-8pm

Thurs. 8am-5pm

Officially closed Friday, but there will be staff here between 9-Noon, so some Instructors can have students take emergency Finals.


Have been Emailed to you–please confirm that you are available the hours I sent you…

Thanks! Good luck studying for FINALS! 🙂

One SPANISH exam is in that 2nd file drawer…

FYI–there is ONE SPANISH 103 Exam for a student in CUSIMANO’s folder–2nd file drawer.

If the Instructor brings in an additional part to that exam tomorrow (Friday), then please staple it to the test that is already in drawer #2.



There are several exams in DEFILIPPO’s make-ups folder–2nd file drawer:

There are 5 copies of the PSY exam #3–just file the exam with the extra credit sheet and scantron on this one, since I only have the 5 extra credit sheets.

There are 2 copies of the PSY 201 Exam #4 and there are three sets of scantrons and extra credit half sheets. Make sure not to re-file a copy of this exam unless it has BOTH a scantron and an extra credit sheet attached–when we run out of extra credit sheets, then please file the test with the scantron and extra credit sheet.

There are two other make-up exams with students’ names on them.