Monthly Archives: May 2011

We are closed next Monday, May 30th

for the Memorial Day holiday…

WE ARE OPEN SATURDAY, May 28th from 9am-1pm though–if anyone asks.


I will need you to fill out your timesheets by this Thursday morning, May 26th. If you are scheduled to work Thursday evening, Friday, or next Tuesday, May 31st then you will need to write in your hours on the timesheet.

Please submit your time online by Friday morning, May 27th. I need the written timesheets by Thursday morning so that I can approve them and get them to Carrie in the Social Science Office by Friday morning–she will be out of town for two weeks, so if you want to get paid, then make sure to get me your timesheet… 🙂

timesheets are due tomorrow…

Please enter all of the hours you have worked from May 1through the 15th–that means if you are scheduled to work Saturday, then you need to include those hours as well.

Make sure the total in MyLane matches the total number of hours you write at the bottom of your timesheet.

If you can leave these in my box by Friday morning–Friday the 13th!!!–that would be really great, so that I can get them turned in before noon.

Hi Stephanie and Michael!!!

Escobar’s HST 195 exam ends on 5/7–this is a long exam, so I would not let anyone start the exam after noon, as per the usual!!!


The checkin computers have been operating very slowly….

Tichelle figured out yesterday that somehow the settings for voiceover had been changed on the checkin computer in the Written Lab–this was slowing that computer down.

Someone had to have gone into system preferences and made this change.

In addition, please DO NOT CHANGE THE SCREEN SAVERS on the checkin computers–I don’t want the system to have to “think’ about uploading the next screen saver, because it will slow the computer down and as you know, we sometimes are very busy.


Clint SMITH’s Political Science Exams…

start today…

SMITH has midterms for PS 205 and PS 225 in the top file drawer.

PLEASE tell students they need to read the instructions before starting the exam.

No scantron is required for either exam.

For the PS 225 midterm, students should use the paper attached to the exam, NOT a blue book.