Monthly Archives: April 2011

Friday, May 6th…

is staff inservice day. The campus, and hence, the lab, will be closed next Friday.


Students taking science classes, e.g. MITCHELL’s GS142 exams, can take the exams in the SCIENCE RESOURCE CENTER or in our Testing Lab.

Mitchell’s exams are 65 multiple choice questions, so if these students come in after 12:30 on a Saturday, then please send them to the SRC in Building 16/Rm 193–the Science Resource Center is open from 9am-3pm on Saturdays.

If you ever need to call the SRC, their extension is x5041.


Timesheets are due again…

Please have your timesheets in my box by this Friday. If you are scheduled to work on Saturday, then you need to include those hours on your timesheet. Include all hours worked 4/16 through 4/30.

As usual, PLEASE make sure the total of the hours you have entered in myLane is the same as the total on your timesheet–WRITE the total at the bottom of the sheet.


Fire Drill/Emergency Procedures…

Has everyone read this? Click on the link to the right on the Announcements Screen so you can read the Instructions if you haven’t read them already.

Usually Spring Term we have a Fire Drill or two, once the weather gets sunnier!

BOOZER’s BT 165 Exam

Please make sure students write their name on the written part. Four students yesterday neglected to write their names on the exam. 🙁

Testing Computer Issues…

The problem we were having with testing computers prompting for passwords should be resolved. The IT folks were working on it today.

Please continue to let me know if there are issues when starting up the computers in the morning and/or when trying to log students into computer exams.


Beginning of term reminders…

Please remember that for some students this may be the first time they are using the lab.

Always ask if they have read the rules sheet and ask them if they have a cell phone and if so, turn it off and put it in their backpack or check it with us.

Remember to ask students taking computer tests if they know about saving periodically and that they have to submit when the test is complete and Log out of MOODLE.

BOOZER’s BT 165 Exam

This exam has two parts. (This is the Intro to Accounting course that Pat Hansen used to teach.)

Have students take the online portion first, and tell them to come get part 2 (the written part) when they have completed the online portion. You do not have to sign students into the written part using the checkin–unless for some reason they are ONLY doing the written part of the exam.

Part one–online part–is timed. Students can have up to 50 minutes for this part of the exam.

Notice on the written part there is a space to enter “Start time” and “Stop time”. Please write the time that a student starts and stops taking the written part of the exam.

Students have a total of 2 hours to complete the exam, so if a student completed part one on the computer in 30 minutes, the s/he would have 1.5 hours to complete part 2 (the written part).

Since this is a timed exam, please wait until the student is at his or her station before you open the exam for the student to start the test.

Please ask if you have any questions.



When entering information into the checkin screen, be careful not to enter the person’s last name in the L# field.

There are about 9 entries from yesterday that got entered that way. The good news is it still captures the data. The bad news is that those entries will now stay at the top of the entry list for the remainder of the term.

As usual, please be sure to hit the refresh button (Circular arrow button) after each entry and check that each new entry is saved–just be aware that the new entries will not appear at the top of the list–they will appear after all of the entries with the last name in the L# field by mistake.

Testing Computers Prompting for Passwords…

Some of the testing computers have been not connecting and/or prompting us for passwords when we try to open an exam today–Thursday, April 14th.

I have put out of order signs on Computers 10, 16 and 19. #9 and #15 have been acting up too…

If you note any problems/issues with the computers when you open in the morning or during your shift, then please let me know.

I’m hoping whatever the issue is, it will right itself by tomorrow…