Monthly Archives: March 2011

If you cannot find an exam, then please call me on the walkie…

after you double check that the test is not miss-filed…

Make-ups for Broderick and Anderson…

Jody Anderson and Sheila Broderick both have make-ups for their lecture classes in the 2nd file drawer.

Make sure to ask students if they are in the HST 105 and HST 202 Telecourses (these exams are in the top drawer), or if they are making up a lecture exam.

WILKINSON’s PTA 132 students…

will be testing in the lab today (Wednesday).

Please give students a full sheet of scratch paper to use.

Please try to seat these students toward the back of the room, as usual.


GORES’ PTA 103 Final

The deadline for GORES’ PTA 103 Final is today–please try to seat students in the back of the computer room if possible, offer them earplugs and don’t open the exam until they are seated.

Just a reminder that this exam comes up with the Instructor name, “Thorpe”, but type “Gores” as the Instructor name in the comments box.


If students do not have ID…

Please do not allow a student to take an exam if s/he does not have photo ID.

If a student says they do not have ID, then:
1) Remind them that ANY valid photo ID is OK–pictures in Facebook, Twitter, etc. and avatars are NOT valid photo ID.
2) Ask the student if her/his Instructor or another Instructor can vouch for her/him–not OK to have other students in class vouch for the person.
3) If the student says s/he lost her/his ID/wallet, then have the student Email his/her Instructor. The Instructor can OK whether or not the student can test without ID.
4) If I am here, then you can have the student contact me.
5) Otherwise, No ID=No test.

I know it can be difficult when a student is insisting that it is the last hour of the last day for them to take the exam, but we have to be fair–we cannot allow some people to test without ID and require ID for everyone else.


For the Written exams, please get up and walk the test to the station, while the student is putting his or her stuff in the cubby. This way we can make sure s/he actually puts her/his stuff away and we can discreetly be checking to see that other testers do not have unquthorized items.

When filing exams, if there are stickers on the exam that indicate you need to attach a new scantron, then make sure not to file the test with the scantron. 😉

When checking students in to computer exams, then the person in the WRITTEN LAB can check students into computers 1-17 and the person in the COMPUTER LAB can check people into computers 18-31. During FINALS WEEK we’ll have a third person roaming as a proctor and looking for empty computers, because we reach capacity…

Please continue to mark off the opening and closing checklist.