Monthly Archives: December 2010

The light switch in CENTER 456

is fixed! YAY! You should be able to turn the light on and off now when you come in and before you leave.



is fixed!!! YAY!


Ryan ANDERSON’s ANTH 103 Exam #2 is in the second file drawer. It turns out the entire class is taking it, so I did put class lists in the completed folder for ANDERSON, R. His Final will be in class.

Jody ANDERSON’s HST 104 TELECOURSE FINAL is in the top file drawer. There are a couple copies of Exam #2 for HST 104 in the second file drawer for J. ANDERSON. You should check with students that they want to take the FINAL before handing it to them this week.

As usual, if students have more than one exam to take, sign them in for each exam separately.