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Timesheets are due again next Tuesday the 30th…

If you can have your timesheets in my box early on Tuesday, that would be great.

Also, remember to submit your hours online in myLane–the total hours in myLane/ExpressLane should be the same as the total number of hours that you write on the paper copy–please make sure to write the TOTAL hours on your timesheet.



Here’s an Email that went out to LCC staff:

We want to encourage all Lane employees to again log into the LaneAlert system through your My Lane account and provide your most current contact information, including a mobile phone contact if possible where text messages may be sent and received. For weather closures, messages will be sent via text messaging and email. We will not initiate phone calls through LaneAlert for weather decisions due to the early hour these decisions are typically made. Thank you in advance for providing us with a variety of contact information through LaneAlert so that we may communicate with you in a timely manner in the event of weather or emergency circumstances.

BOYER’s HST 201 Exam…

When students sign in and when they turn in their exams for BOYER, please check to make sure the name on the scantron is on the class list. There are extra class lists taped to the station desks for you to check easily.

Mark off completed tests and alphabetize completed scantrons as usual in the Completed Test Folder for BOYER.

Someone presumably took Exam #1–Allen Ecker–and he is not in the class and then another student, Brian Martinez claimed he took the exam and we didn’t have a scantron for him, which is why the Instructor wants us to track this more carefully.

A note about hats and coats…

It is standard testing procedure to have people take off their hats and coats, but sometimes you’ll need to use your judgement. We haven’t been as strict about this in the past, but once students get used to it, it won’t seem so difficult to have them put their hats and coats in cubbies with their other belongings.

This morning a student was wearing a light sweatshirt which was part of her outfit, so we didn’t ask her to take it off–she only had a tank top on underneath…

Also, someone asked if it would be appropriate to have a Sikh student remove his turban and I would consider that part of a student’s attire, so I wouldn’t ask the student to take it off.

Medical Terminology–HO 100

There are 2 Instructors: Suzanne CASSIDY and Sheri KENDALL–please enter the correct Instructor.

Also, this may be the first time these students have used the lab, so make sure to remind them to save–it’s 100 multiple choice–and have them read the rules.

We will close at 5pm next Wednesday…

the day before Thanksgiving.

Campus will also be closed this Thurs/Fri/Sat. and so the lab is closed as well!

Please remember to tell students this when they ask about our hours next week.

IF MOODLE goes down…

Remember to look at the Instructions on the blue binder…

If the checkin goes down, then enter the info. on the sheets attached to the clipboards to the right of each station in the plastic folder holder.

GS 147 Oceanography–MILES

Greg MILES teaches GS 147–Oceanography–this is an online exam.

Friday, 11/12

I will be out of the office this Friday, using up some leave time.

There are currently no written exams in my box in the Social Science Office, but if a student comes into the lab Friday needing to take a written exam that you do not find in the file drawer, then look in my box in the Social Science Office. Instructors are supposed to put exams in there 2 days in advance for students, but some may drop them in my box on Friday….

If you bring a test into the lab, then Email me, so I will know to look for it in the completed test folder.

If you cannot find a written test for a student or a computer test is not open, then send the Instructor an Email to document that the student was here and the test was not available.


Timesheets are due again on Monday the 15th of November.

Please remember to fill out BOTH the written sheet and enter your hours online.
WRITE THE TOTAL NUMBER OF HOURS that appears in ExpressLane/MyLane on your timesheet–it should be the same as the number of hrs on the written sheet…