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For students coming in to take ECON 200 with MARTINEZ, remember to ask if it is for the LECTURE course–that test is WRITTEN–top file drawer.
He also has the online ECON 200 class that is on MOODLE. Remember to sign people in for each attempt–they are allowed to take this one twice. There is a half hour delay between the time they end the first attempt and the time they can start the 2nd attempt.

TIMESHEETS are Due Friday…

Please leave your timesheets in my box and enter your hours in ExpressLane. If you are scheduled to work on Saturday the 30th, then you should make sure to include those hours.

Online or Telecourse vs. Lecture course

Make sure to ask BRODERICK’s and ANDERSON’s History students if they are in a Telecourse or Lecture class, since both of these Instructors have WRITTEN Telecourse exams (drawer #1) and written make-up exams for their students in their lecture classes (drawer #2).

DEFILIPPO has an online COMPUTER PSY 201 course and some written make-ups for her PSY 201 LECTURE students.

Pat HANSEN’s BT 165 Exam

There are TWO parts to this exam.

Please sign students into the multiple choice section first–that’s the computer part in MOODLE. Remind students to come get part 2–the written part–when they finish part 1. You don’t need to check their info. in again in the checkin screen. Just have students sit wherever they want for part 2.

FOR THE WRITTEN PART: Write the time they start the written part and the time they finish this part at the top of the exam.

They are allowed to use calculators for both parts, but not if it’s on their phone and they shouldn’t need scratch paper.

Instructions for what to do if MOODLE goes down…

If MOODLE goes down and students are testing, then let me know. right away. If I am not available, then call the Help Desk–just dial 4444 and tell them that students in the Testing Lab are unable to submit their exams. They should contact the MOODLE ADMINISTRATOR, David Walton.

Please have students hang tight for 10-15 minutes, if possible. They should keep trying to save and submit their exams. If they get bumped out and it goes to the white screen with the error message, then you can remotely access the exam by controlling the screen, right click on the mouse and go Back to the previous screen.

If a student needs to leave, then make sure to have him/her write their name, which test and contact info on a sheet of paper with their answers, if they are willing to do that.
If a student has to leave, then please keep trying to submit their exam and call them if/when you are able to submit the exam.

If students are waiting to take an online exam and MOODLE is down, then use the Tracking Sheet provided in the blue binder to keep a list of students names, the test they are there to take, their Instructor’s name and their contact information. Please call and/or Email students once MOODLE comes back up.

Thanks for your help!

MANNING’s HO 100 exams

Cindy MANNING has some written exams in the 2nd file drawer for her MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY (HO 100) students. There are names on two of the exams and a third (extra) copy in case someone else from her class needs the exam.

Please be sure that the student knows the Instructor’s name though, because there are other Instructors who teach HO 100.


Please fill out the paper copy of your timesheet and if there is a place for you to sign, then sign them and put them in my box in the lab. (LETS student workers do not have to sign them.)

If you work this Friday, OCT. 15th, then please include those hours.

Also, you will need to enter your hours in ExpressLane and make sure that the total number of hours in ExpressLane matches the total number of hours on your timesheet. Please write the total number of hours on your timesheet.

LETS students can write this total in the bottom right corner of the time calendar sheet.


Finding DEFILIPPO’s PSY 201 Online Exams…

When you open a student’s MOODLE page for her online PSY 201 course, look for the Quizzes Link in the Activities Block–left column.

You will need to scroll down through a long list of quizzes before you get to the exam link for Test Number 1, Test Number Two, etc.

You can also scroll all the way down toward the bottom of the MOODLE page and find the exam in the block for the current week, but it takes longer.

Please ask me for help if you cannot locate the exam link

Taking Exams twice…

There are 2 Instructors who allow students to take exams twice:

MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 online students

DEFILIPPO’s PSY 201 and PSY 235 online students


There is normally a half hour time delay between when they finish the first attempt and when they are allowed to start the 2nd attempt, so they will need to get back in line and check in again.

PSY 201 online exams…

David LEUNG, Kendra GILDS and Barb DEFILIPPO have online PSY 201 Exams, so you may need to look up the Instructor’s name when you have the student log into MOODLE and then enter the correct Instructor’s name in the checkin screen.

Leung’s students are from his lecture classes.

Both DEFILIPPO and GILDS have BOTH lecture and online PSY 201 classes, so it’s a good idea to ask their students if they are in the lecture class or online. As the term progresses, students will get used to what info. they need to tell us to get them into the correct exam.

GILDS and DEFILIPPO will also eventually have some written make-up exams for her PSY 201 Lecture students in the 2nd file drawer. GILDS usually puts students’ names on those exams.