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Students can use calculators on BURROWS’ ECON 200 Exam as long as it is not on a cell phone or any other electronic device…

Loft’s CS 120 student taking test late on Thursday…

Kristinia Vasquez has permission to take the CS 120 exam late (this Thursday). The student should have a password which I will write on a post-it on the check-in computers. Please do not allow other students to use the password.

Nutrition Exams…

FYI: Students taking Nutrition (FN 225) Exams in the lab are only allowed to use ONE 3 x 5 notecard.
Please tell students this when you set them up for the exam.

Noy Rathakette and other Nutrition Instructors let students take exams late in the lab, but then they are not allowed to use their book and notes like they would have if they took the exam on time from home. 🙂

Timesheets are due on Wednesday, July 14th

Please check in ExpressLane to see if you have an Employee Services folder added and have me show you how to enter your hours online.

Please include your hours to be worked for Thursday the 15th on both your written timesheet and when you enter your hours online.

The total number of hours in ExpressLane should be the same as the total on your written timesheet and don’t forget to sign your timesheets and put them in my box in the lab by Wednesday.


Week 4 Exam Information

SPANISH 103 Exam #1, Instructor: PEPE
WRITTEN Exam–top file drawer.
You will need to enter “Pepe SPN 103” in the Comments field on the Checkin screen.

RESPIRATORY THERAPY 110 (RT110) Midterm, Instructor: Abby ERICKSON
Online (Computer) Exam CALCULATOR ALLOWED, but no calculators on phones 🙂
Enter “Erickson RT110” in the Comments field on the Checkin screen.