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Tuesday staff…

I will be out of the office on Tuesday, June 1st. Kat or Liz–please get the key from my office and put it in the lab for evening folks to lock the door.

Here’s a reminder of what to do if MOODLE goes down:

If MOODLE goes down and students are testing, then call the Help Desk–just dial 4444 and tell them that students in the Testing Lab are unable to submit their exams. They should contact the MOODLE ADMINISTRATOR, David Walton.

Please have students hang tight for 10-15 minutes, if possible. They should keep trying to save and submit their exams. If they get bumped out and it goes to the white screen with the error message, then you can remotely access the exam by controlling the screen, right click on the mouse and go Back to the previous screen.

If a student needs to leave, then make sure to have him/her write their name, which test and contact info on a sheet of paper with their answers, if they are willing to do that.

If a student has to leave, then please keep trying to submit their exam and call them if/when you are able to submit the exam.

If students are waiting to take an online exam, then keep a list of students names, the test they are there to take, their Instructor’s name and their contact information and call them when MOODLE comes back up.

Hopefully the fact that I have taken the time to type this all out will mean that everything will go smoothly tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!

Peterson’s DA194 Exam

Kym PETERSON’s DA 194 (Dental Assisting) Exam is online. 23 multiple choice questions.

You need to type DA 194 in the comments, because it is not in the drop down list.

ANDERSON’s HST 106 Telecourse FINAL

is now in the top file drawer, eventhough that exam doesn’t officially start until next Tuesday–it’s on green paper.

There are some copies of exam #2 (salmon colored) in the 2nd file drawer for students who may need to still take exam #2.


If students are needing to take exams for DEFILIPPO’s PSY 231 course, then please have the student choose which exam s/he wants to take, since it is not clear from the list which one(s) students should be taking.

Timesheets are due Friday :-)

Please leave a signed copy in my box and make sure to enter your hours in ExpressLane.

If you work Saturday, then please DO include those hours on this timesheet.

We will be closed on MONDAY

because it’s MEMORIAL DAY!

We ARE open this Saturday…

eventhough it’s MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND.

The Lab is open from 9am-1pm.

Next Saturday, June 5th ONLY, the Lab will be open 9am-2pm–we’re staying open one hour later to help accommodate students wanting to take Final Exams early.

Please remind students that there should be at least one door open on the north side of the cafeteria level, one on the south side of the cafeteria level and a door at the top of the stairs on the 4th floor. If they have trouble accessing entry on Saturdays, then they should call security at 463-5555.

Email Instructor Link

The Email Instructor Link is working again! Yay! Please go back to using that form.


There are make-ups for DEFILIPPO’s PSY 203 LECTURE students in the 2nd file drawer.

Her ONLINE PSY students should take the COMPUTER exams.

Please do not give the written exam to the PSY 203 online students.


Emailing Instructors…

The link is still not working. Please continue to Email Instructors directly using your Email and CC me.

The format for Emailing Instructors is generally last name and first initial of first name then “”

So, mine is:

There are some exceptions, for example: For Cynthia Adams it is:
because there are several people at the college with the last name “Adams”

Just Email me if you do not know an Instructor’s Email address and I will forward the messages.