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Saturday Staff…

Hi Liz and Dawn,

HELZER’s ANTH 102 exam #1 is 75 multiple choice–I wouldn’t sign anyone into this exam after Noon, unless you want to stay late…
MILES’ GS 147 (Oceanography) Exam #1 is 50 multiple choice–I would think students need an hour for this exam too…
MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 Exam #2 is 25 multiple choice–they could do this in a half hour possibly–remind students he does not allow calculators.
CANDEE’s students for PS 203 are taking at least an hour to complete the exam.

Liz–I am putting CANDEE’s completed tests in his box tonight–he said he wants to pick up the rest of his tests tomorrow, so please check off the tests that are completed on the class lists and then please leave the class lists in his COMPLETED TESTS folder–just give him the exams. 🙂
Thanks so much!

Manning’s Medical Terminology Test

There are 117 questions. Students should use the second scantron to answer questions 101-117.

You should mention that to her students when you give them an exam.


Students need to be reminded that if they are wanting to re-use their notecard, then they should make a copy of it before they come to test the first time. We really shouldn’t be allowing students to re-use their notecards, since they could write on the card during the exam and then use it for a re-take.

Some Make-ups for Online classes are WRITTEN

Bill BURROWS has some students for his ECON 200 and HUM 100 online classes who are taking WRITTEN make-ups. The exam is on COMPUTER, but the make-ups are WRITTEN–2nd file drawer.

Same deal for some of Kendra GILDS’ online PSY 201 and PSY 202 students–she has some WRITTEN make-ups in the 2nd file drawer.

These students may not be alert to the fact that the make-up test is WRITTEN, so if you cannot access a COMPUTER exam, then check the files for a WRITTEN exam.

Medical Terminology–HO 100

There are 2 Instructors this term for Medical Terminology.

Cindy Manning’s HO 100 students will mostly be coming in this Thursday and their exam is WRITTEN (Yellow) in the top file drawer.
Students’ names are written on the exams and they are in alphabetical order, so let’s try to keep them that way! 🙂

Suzanne Cassidy’s HO 100 students take the exam online (COMPUTER test).