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Proctoring Reminder…

As you are walking around pushing in chairs, please check to make sure that students do not have unauthorized items.

Someone today was writing on a notecard, which is not allowed, so please be alert to this as well!


Please fill out another timesheet with the hours that you work this week…

excluding Monday, the 15th.

If you work any other hours this week after Monday, then please fill out another timesheet and submit your hours in ExpressLane.

Rita KAVANAUGH’s DH 244 Exam

Students will be taking this Dental Hygiene exam on Monday.

It is a timed exam, so please offer students earplugs and try to have them seated toward the back of the computer room.

As usual, for timed tests, please wait till the student is situated at the computer before opening the test for the student.



PLEASE HAVE STUDENTS READ THE INSTRUCTIONS that are listed before you click on the link for them to start the exam.

There are 69 questions, some of which are short answer and they have 2 hrs to complete the exam–it’s a timed test, so wait until they get seated in the computer room before you open the test for them.

Notes for Wednesday, March 10th

I will be out of the office today. Please have students contact the Instructor if they have questions/leave their ID at home, etc.
Remember to look in BOTH drawers for WRITTEN exams. BRODERICK, ANDERSON and ADAMS all have their FINAL exams in the top file drawer, but for make-ups of other exams, look in drawer #2.

If MOODLE goes down
and students are testing, then call the Help Desk–just dial 4444 and tell them that students in the Testing Lab are unable to submit their exams. They should contact the MOODLE ADMINISTRATOR, David Walton.

Please have students hang tight for 10-15 minutes, if possible. They should keep trying to save and submit their exams. If they get bumped out and it goes to the white screen with the error message, then you can remotely access the exam by controlling the screen, right click on the mouse and go Back to the previous screen.

If a student needs to leave, then make sure to have him/her write their name, which test and contact info on a sheet of paper with their answers, if they are willing to do that.

If a student has to leave, then please keep trying to submit their exam and call them if/when you are able to submit the exam.

If students are waiting to take an online exam, then keep a list of students names, the test they are there to take, their Instructor’s name and their contact information and call them when MOODLE comes back up.

Hopefully the fact that I have taken the time to type this all out will mean that everything will go smoothly tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!

FYI–I am leaving a copy of the staff contact list in my mailbox in the lab, if you need to call someone to fill in.

Also, please read ANNOUNCEMENT below that we extended the FINALS WEEK hours and hrs this SATURDAY.


Timesheets are due again on MONDAY, March 15th.

Please include all hours from MARCH 1st-March 15th.

Leave a signed copy of your timesheet in my box in the lab and submit your hours online.


We will be open this Saturday from 9am-2pm (staying open an hour later)

MON-WED: 8am-8pm
THURS: 8am-5pm