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DEFILIPPO’s PSY 235 Exam #3

There is a 30 minute time delay between attempts.

Please sign students into their 2nd attempt so it gets counted.

Timesheets are due this Friday

Please include all hrs worked 2/16-2/28, (so Saturday staff should include hrs worked Saturday).

If you don’t work Friday, then please sign your timesheet and submit your hrs this week.



I need to get your Finals Week Schedules and Spring Schedules from you so I can make the Lab Schedule for FINALS WEEK and for SPRING TERM.


Just a reminder to ask Sheila BRODERICK’s students if they are in the TELECOURSE for HST 202 or lecture, since we do not want to give a lecture student the TELECOURSE test by mistake–both are WRITTEN tests.

The TELECOURSE test is in the top drawer.

The lecture exams are in the 2nd file drawer, with the students’ names on them.


Just a reminder to let MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 students know that they are not allowed to use calculators or notes.

We caught one of his students with a notecard today, which is another reason to make sure as you’re checking students into exams to make sure to have them read the rules sheet and tell them no notes are allowed (for the tests that do not allow note cards).

Sometimes students assume they can use a notecard for all of their exams, if they were allowed to use a notecard for one exam.

CASSIDY’s HO 100 (Medical Terminology) Midterm deadline

is Monday, Feb 22nd.

FYI–Cindy Manning also has some WRITTEN make-ups for her HO 100 students in the 2nd file drawer–students’ names are on the exams.

Student complaint about staff chatting…

One of METZGER’s students complained to him that staff were chatting loudly while s/he was testing last TUES or WED.

I know it is difficult not to socialize and sometimes we have to talk about matters relating to the tests–this is just a reminder that students do get frustrated with the noise level and they do not necessarily complain to us.

Apparently we did offer the person some ear plugs, but s/he still complained. 🙁

Student texting during Rod Metzger’s SOC 204 Exam

One of Rod METZGER’s students was taking the exam on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week (Feb. 9th/10th). She claims that another one of his students was blatantly texting during the exam and that we didn’t catch this student.

When we are checking students in it is critical that we ask students if s/he has a cellphone. I know most of you do this. 🙂 We should be watching where people are putting their cell phones and making sure they put them in their bag and/or if it is in their jacket pocket, then make sure they do not put their jackets on the back of their chair.

If they do have a phone, then tell them to turn it off and that it cannot be on them–they have to check it with us or put it in their bag and the bag needs to go on the shelf or check it with us.

When it is extremely busy, it is hard to get up and walk around, but when you check someone into a written exam, take that opportunity to walk the test to the cubicle, so that you can check to see if students have put their items on the cubbies. When you see backpacks in the aisles, then tell the student that you are going to put their stuff in the cubbies or check it for them if they don’t want to do this.

We should be walking around and patrolling for cell phones at least once every 10-15 minutes. Please make use of the mirrors in the lab too–I know it is hard to proctor when you are checking students into tests on busy days.

I’m going to work on getting some more signs made, which may help, but we still need to tell each student about the cell phone policy. I know this is a hassle, but it’s the best we can do.

I’ll be sending an Email out to Instructors to ask them to address the cell phone issue in their classes.

Thanks for your attention to this–I realize that the lab set up is not ideal either, in terms of being able to see what’s going on, but we’re doing the best that we can and I think we do a great job!

Friday Staff PS

Here’s who is scheduled tomorrow:

Barb 9-11am
Tracy 9-1
Ariel is filling in for Kat from 1-5

There is a list of staff phone numbers in my box in the Lab in the unlikely event that you are there alone and want to try to call someone else to come in. Just Email me if you do.

Have a great weekend!


MOODLE went down Thursday night for about an hour.

Patrick LUCANIO has extended his exam deadline for FA 255 through Saturday.

Have students contact the Instructor if they have questions.

If MOODLE goes down and students are testing, then call the Help Desk–just dial 4444 and tell them that students in the Testing Lab are unable to submit their exams. They should contact the MOODLE ADMINISTRATOR, David Walton.

Please have students hang tight for 10-15 minutes, if possible. They should keep trying to save and submit their exams. If they get bumped out and it goes to the white screen with the error message, then you can remotely access the exam by controlling the screen, right click on the mouse and go Back to the previous screen.

If a student needs to leave, then make sure to have him/her write their name, which test and contact info on a sheet of paper with their answers, if they are willing to do that.

If a student has to leave, then please keep trying to submit their exam and call them if/when you are able to submit the exam.

If students are waiting to take an online exam, then keep a list of students names, the test they are there to take, their Instructor’s name and their contact information and call them when MOODLE comes back up.

Hopefully the fact that I have taken the time to type this all out will mean that everything will go smoothly tomorrow.

Thanks for your help!