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DEFILIPPO’s online PSY 202 Exam #2

You will need to click on the quizzes link in the Activities Block (left hand column) on the student’s MOODLE page and then SCROLL all the way down to the bottom of the list, past all of the practice quizzes to find Test#2.

You can also access it from the main MOODLE page, but you do have to scroll down really far….

Saturday Staff

Deadlines for Saturday, 1/30 that I know of:

MARTINEZ–ECON 200 Exam #2–35 multiple choice

HELZER–ANTH 101–75 multiple choice

MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 Exam #1 and #2

MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 Exam #2 closes tomorrow–Saturday.

In addition, some students will have a password to access Exam #1 after the deadline date.

Before you open an exam, ask students which exam they want and if they say Exam #1, ask if they have the password–they should have an Email from the Instructor.

If they do not have the password, they haven’t gotten permission from the Instructor to take the exam late.

Closing shift reminders…

If you are closing at night please remember to put all exams away before you lock the file cabinet.

Also, please sign off on the closing checklist–I do want to make sure staff are checking to see that the outside door to CEN 455 (the GIS LAB next door) is locked.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Reminders when checking students into exams

When checking students into exams, in addition to having them read the pink rules sheet, it’s important to tell them that they need to turn their cell phones off and that the cell phones need to be in their bag or they can check it with staff.

We had one student yesterday who had his cell phone on his desk yesterday, even though staff had told him to put it away–you have to watch when they turn off their cell phone and make sure they are not putting it in their pocket. 🙂

Also, if they haven’t taken a test in the lab before you should tell them that they cannot leave once they start the exam and that no cell phones or electronics should be on them or at their desk.

If the test is on blue paper or if it is a computer test for which a notecard is allowed, then ask to see the notecard and put the yellow sticker on the card. Have students write the Instructor’s name and their name on the card BEFORE they take the test.

If they are not allowed a notecard, and it’s their first time using the lab, then tell them no notes or texts are allowed.

For Martinez’s ECON exams, tell students no calculators are allowed (and he doesn’t want them to have scratch paper either.)

As a general rule, students should not need scratch paper and if it is a test that they write on anyway, then they can use the back of the exam.


Rules for Phil MARTINEZ’ s Exams

For MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 (online) exams and his ECON 201 (WRITTEN) Exams here are the rules he sent with his test request form:

All exams in this course have the following restrictions.

1. Students may NOT use any books nor notes. The only exception are the foreign
language dictionaries available from the exam proctor.

2. Students may not use any electronic devices, including foreign language
dictionaries, calculators, phones, MP3 players, CD players, etc.

3. Students may NOT communicate with anyone during the exam, except the
proctors, testing coordinator, and the instructor.

4. Students may not leave their computer work station unless they first submit
their exam.

Violation of any of these instructions are grounds for failing the exam or
failing the course, at the professional discretion of the instructor.

TIMESHEETS due Friday Jan 29th

Please submit your time in ExpressLane by Friday, Jan. 29th and include all hour worked Jan 15th-Jan 30th. (So, if you work Saturday, the 30th, please be sure to include those hours.) The first pay day will be Feb 10th.

As usual, please also fill out and sign the appropriate paper timesheet and put it in my box in the lab.

Make-up Exams in 2nd file drawer

There are already several tests in the 2nd file drawer.

Remember that students will not necessarily come in asking for a “make-up” exam–you should always look in both file drawers if you cannot find a written exam.

Here’s a list of the exams we currently have in the 2nd file drawer:

INGALSBEE’s Soc 205 Exam

delNero’s CJA 110 Exam–these we need to re-use, so be sure students do not write on the exam and file only the scantron in the Completed Test folder for DELNERO.

LUGENBEHL’s PHL 221 Exam for 2 students–the names are on the exam

DEFILIPPO–PSY 202 exams for a student to complete from last term

KIM–PSY 201 exams–there is a TIME LIMIT on these so please note that you should write the start and stop time on the top of the exam where indicated.

Written Tests

Currently, we have only 2 exams in the top file drawer:

KHALSA’s CJA 201 (Criminal Justice–Juvenile Delinquency) class–50 multiple choice and 5 essays.

This exam will probably require 2 hrs to complete, so be sure to tell students that before you give out the exam. They cannot take part of the exam and then come back and finish the exam at another time.

ANDERSON’s HST 105 (World History) TELECOURSE–Please note that this is a WRITTEN EXAM with both multiple choice and essays.

Please remember to check that students have written their name on the scantron when they hand in the exam.

We need to re-use the exams because there are 45 people in the class and only 20 copies of the test.

If you notice any marks on a test, then please file it in the completed test file with a post-it note attached. Otherwise, just file the scantrons and essay sheets in the COMPLETED TESTS folder for ANDERSON, Jody. Please note if they did not do the essays.

You will need to attach a new scantron and essay sheet to the exam and put it back up in the top file drawer.


Welcome Back!!!

Greetings everyone! Hope Winter Term is going well for all of you.

Thanks for all of your efforts last term! We proctored nearly 5000 exams!