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Reminder RE: Students taking multiple tests

Sometimes students take multiple exams in the lab one after the other.

It’s OK if a person wants to stay at the same computer, but please re-enter their info. into the checkin screen so that I have a record that they have signed in to take that exam.

That way, if a student’s exam is lost somehow, we can verify that the student did check in to take that exam.

It occurred to me last night when I was in the lab and students were taking two or 3 exams one after the other, that I should probably send out this reminder.

Thanks for all your quick typing!!!!

Wednesday at 8am…

Adrienne, Jennifer and Tracy–

If you cannot find a written exam first thing in the morning, then please feel free to check my box in the Social Science Office.

There are not any in my box at 6pm tonight, but I may not be in till 9am.

Science Resource Center Hours FINALS WEEK

If it is extremely busy in the lab with long lines FINALS WEEK, then I may be asking students taking exams for SCIENCE CLASSES ONLY to take their exams in the SCIENCE RESOURCE CENTER in Building 16.

That would be for the following Instructors:
Hadley (ASTR 107–Astronomy)
Miles (GS 147–Oceanography)
Mitchell (GS142–Earth Revealed)
Flatt (BI103L–General Biology, Evolution & Diversity)


We will be open the following hrs for FINALS WEEK:

MON-WED 8am-8pm

THURS 8am-5pm

FRIDAY we are officially closed, so we don’t advertise that we are open from 9am-noon–It’s just for students who have permission to take their final late.

In addition, we will be open till 8pm this THURSDAY, DEC 5th (Staying open one hour later than usual)

and this SATURDAY, DEC 7th we will be open until 2pm (Staying open an hour later than usual)