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TIMESHEETS due early….

Please submit your timesheet by 6pm this Wednesday, and please include all hours you have worked and are scheduled to work through MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30th.

Remember, we are not here this Thursday, Friday or Saturday because of the Thanksgiving Break.

I hope you all have a great break and have some time to relax and spend with family and friends!!

We’ve been working hard this term–as of today we have logged over 3,200 exams and Fianls week I expect us to log in over 1,500 more!!!

Stay well and eat lots of good food!

GEOG 141 make-ups for LAKE’s students

Adam Lake is a new Instructor this term. There are make-up exams for Midterm 2 in the the 2nd file drawer for his students who need to take it.

His name won’t be in the checkin screen list of Instructors, so you will need to type his last name in the comments section when sign students in for his exam.

Just to clarify…

Just to clarify, students are not usually allowed to have electronic dictionaries or ear phones, etc. but if an Instructor has OKed that for a certain student, then I try to write it on their exam (if it’s written) or I put information on a post-it for students who can use an electronic dictionary on computer tests.

For example, one of Time INGALSBEE’s students is allowed to use ear phones while testing, so I wrote that on her test, but the rest of the students are not allowed to have any electronic devices.


Martinez’s ECON exams

This Instructor does not allow students to use any electronic devices–that includes: calculators and electronic dictionaries. We have paper dictionaries that students can use in most cases. Let me know if there is not a paper dictionary in a language that a student needs.


Just a reminder to read the screen that comes up for computer tests. I know it gets really busy in the lab, especially if you are in there by yourself, but we need to check the screen and make sure that if students aren’t allowed to use a notecard, we don’t approve them, and if they are allowed to use one, then we should be asking them if the have a notecard. 🙂

One of HELZER’s ANTH 101 students used a notecard for her exam last week and the Instructor did not allow a notecard for that computer exam. Apparently the student had specifically asked the Instructor if she could use a notecard and the request had been denied.


WOW–we have been really going through the earplugs! Please make sure you are only giving them to students who need them during testing. We ordered a huge box last Spring and I was thinking that would last us this whole year… We’ve already used up over 150 pairs of earplugs!

With the increased numbers of people testing we’ve had a greater need for them–thanks for letting students know they are available!

Week of Thanksgiving

Again, we are closing at 5pm the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the college and the lab will be closed Thursday, Friday AND Saturday next week for the Thanksgiving break.

HOWARD’s PTA 101 Exam #2

Students are allowed to use one 3 x 5 notecard, so ask to check those as usual.

Also, please give students one of the blue sheets to have during testing. They should hand this and the notecard in after the test.

Ingalsbee’s SOC 204 make-up exams…

Make sure students know their Instructor for SOC 204–both RAZA and INGALSBEE have WRITTEN MAKE-ups in the second file drawer for SOC 204.

And, RAZA and SALT have computerized exams for their SOC 204 online and Telecourse classes.

FOR INGALSBEE, please note, that one student is allowed to wear ear phones during testing–there is an orange sheet with special instructions attached to one copy of Exam #3.

No notes for INGALSBEE’s exams. 🙂

delNero’s CJA 100 Exams

delNero just brought in one copy of exam #1 for a student to take–he told Matt that others may need to take it though. When you set Exam #1 up for someone else to take, please be sure to write, “Exam #1” on the scantron, so we know which exam it is….

The rest of the exams are #2–let’s keep those clipped together. 🙂