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Don’t forget to do your timesheet…

before you leave for the summer.

Please sign them and put them in my box before the end of the week.

It’s been a pleasure working with all of you this year!

Have a great summer!

Let me know if you are available in the Fall!


DEFILIPPO has an online PSY 203 course for which the exams are computerized.

For her LECTURE PSY 203 exam there are written make-ups in the file drawer. Exam #3 is NOT the FINAL–it is the second version of Exam #3.

The FINAL for the Lecture students is in CEN 402 on Wednesday morning from 10am-11:50am. CEN 402 is two doors down from us, so if students come in the lab at 10am we should be sending them to CEN 402, unless they need to take the exam in the lab for some reason.

HST 203 Exams

There are several Instructors teaching HST 203, so be sure that students know their Instructor’s name. If they seem unsure, then please have them print their schedule and look up their Instructor using the CRN #. Have me show you how to do this if you don’t know how. 🙂

CS160 Exams for Anthony MICHAELS

Students will be taking exams #4 and #5 next week, be sure to ask students which exam they want before you automatically click on Exam #5–they may still need to take exam #4, and may forget to tell you.


Many Instructors who normally have written tests in the lab during the term proctor their own exam in class, but there may be make-ups for their Finals in the 2nd file drawer:

BOYER HST 103 and HST 203

The written tests in the top file drawer for next week are:

HANSEN Written part for her BT 165 course (they take the computer part first)

LEUNG’s PSY 201 and PSY 203 exams

FYI–For both of LEUNG’s PSY 201 and PSY 203 classes, Exam #5 is Extra Credit and Exam #6 is the last exam for the course.

When signing students into these exams, please be sure to ask if they want the extra credit (Exam #5) or Exam #6.

If there are LONG lines next Wednesday when he has the deadline set, if a student still wants to take BOTH exams, I would recommend that they take Exam #6 first, since we may not be able to guarantee that they will have time to complete both exams, depending on the wait time for computers.

I’m still hoping many students take their exams this Friday, Saturday and next Monday, so we have shorter lines for computers next week.

Switching shifts…

I have to ask you all to adhere to the schedule for the next two weeks, which means I cannot have some people starting early so that others can leave early.

I may not be able to pay you if you start early, so check with me before you do… I appreciate everyone’s willingness to work extra hours–I wish I had more Learn and Earn hours!!!