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Please write the correct date on the scantrons for METZGER’s SOC 211 exams. They get extra credit for taking it today Thursday) instead of tomorrow (Friday).

PSY 231 Exams for DEFILIPPO

Students can take these exams from home. They are open book, but we do not allow open book exams in the lab.

Defilippo’s PSY 231 Quiz #1

We do not allow students to take open book exams in the lab.

This Instructor will either be letting students take the exam in the lab allowing one 3 x 5 notecard, or she will be allowing students to take the exam from home.

In the meantime, please tell students if they take the exam in the lab they can have one 3 x 5 notecard and refer them to their Instructor.


If there is a written exam in the drawer with a student’s name on it, then we should give the student the exam.

Sometimes Instructors want them to take it by a certain date, but then they extend it for some students.

If you have questions, then please call me, but don’t tell the student that the deadline is past if the test is in the drawer.

I don’t think anyone is doing this, but I’ve had two Instructors this week tell me their students came into the lab to take written exams, the exam was supposedly there, but the staff person told them the deadline was past.


If you can get them done today, that would be great–the Admin Coordinator will not be in tomorrow and she’s trying to get them approved today…

History Exams…

Just a reminder to be sure that students are sure which Instructor and course they are in…

There are many Instructors teaching multiple courses, so if they have any question, then be sure to have students print their ExpressLane schedule and look the course up using the CRN#.

Timesheets due Friday

Put signed written copy in my box–total the number of hrs on the written sheet.

Enter your hrs in ExpressLane.

Make sure that the hrs submitted matches the total on your written sheet.

Items left in the lab…

For now, if students leave items in the lab, then please Email me and lock the cell phone or whatever it is in the bottom file drawer. Put a post-it on the item with the date.



Yesterday I took a card from a student who had taped an additional layer of notes onto his notecard. Then it peeled off to reveal two additional sides of notes.

Please inspect cards for taped on addition and additional notes tucked in the sides or between layers when they glue or tape paper together, etc.

If you know the test allows a notecard, then ask students if they have one and be sure to put a yellow sticker on it and tell them they need to hand it in when they are done testing 🙂

MICHAELS’ CS160 exam

Anthony MICHAELS is allowing his CS 160 students to take exam #2 twice.

They can see which questions they got wrong immediately after the attempt and then they cannot review the attempts until after the deadline–May 9th. I spoke with the Instructor and he said that they should review the practice quizzes, etc.

If they have questions, they should see the Instructor during his office hrs and the Instructor can also pull the exam up and review it with them.

Also, there is a 30 minute time delay between the 2 attempts, so if they finish at 11:28am, then it will not let them back into the exam for the 2nd attempt until 11:58am, and the Lab closes at Noon on Saturday.