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BOYER’s History Exams

Bill BOYER’s HST 102 and HST 203 Exams are in the top file drawer–they are both on GREEN paper, so please be careful when you are refiling the HST 102 exams.

For his HST 203 class we do not need to re-use the exams, so we can file the entire test and scantron in the COMPLETED TESTS folder for BOYER. YAY!!! And, they can write on the exams, so no scratch paper. 🙂

Students texting while testing…

Yesterday I received a phone call from a student who had just left the lab. She told me she had been taking one of BORROWDALE’s exams and she said that 1 student was blatantly texting on his phone while testing and he and another student were exchanging information. She said it was very distracting. Unfortunately, we were so busy checking people in, that staff didn’t notice, although one staff person had at one point, asked the texter to put his cell phone away.

I need your assistance to let students know that we are not going to allow that behavior–I already was told by one Instructor that she doesn’t want to use the lab for testing because she feels the setup makes it easy for students to cheat. I think we do a really great job, but here’s what we can do to be more proactive:

#1 Refer students to the rules list and VERBALLY (even if they’ve read the list) tell them, “No cell phones, iPods, pagers, etc. at your desk.”

#2 If the cell phone is out, then we will consider it cheating and their Instructors will be informed.

#3 If the cell phone is out, then tell the student you will need to take the phone and they can have it back after the test–please note if the phone was on and/or if the student was texting. (We might want to attach a post-it with the student’s name on it.) If you are not comfortable confiscating a phone, then call me and I will do it. 🙂

#4 Tell students to put their belongings in the cubbies. Cell phones should NOT be on them–they should be in their backpack or purse. NEW POLICY: If a student does not want to put his her stuff in the cubbies, then have the student surrender their purse and/or laptop and put a post-it with their name on it–we can stash them under the table in the WRITTEN LAB. When students are done testing, then have them tell you what station # they were at and give them their stuff back. Backpacks can still go in the cubbies–this is just for those students who do not want to put their stuff in the cubbies. 🙂

#5 If the person in the WRITTEN LAB goes on break, then someone should come out to the WRITTEN LAB to guard peoples’ belongings.

#6 When you see students have NOT put their stuff in the cubbies, then approach that student and say, “I’m going to put this over on the shelf for you.”

#7 Even when it’s busy, someone needs to be walking around and making sure cell phones are not out and belongings are stowed (It’s like we’re airline stewards!!)
You can covertly do this by pushing in chairs and collecting paperclips. Also, in the computer room, sometimes it’s necessary to walk around and see which computers need to be locked.

#8 It’s O.K. to work on schoolwork when it’s not as busy, but at least once every 15 minutes someone needs to do a sweep through the lab.

Thanks for your help!!! I’m hoping if they re-design a testing space they make it so that we can have people check their stuff, including cell phones.

Timesheets are due Thursday….

Please fill out a written copy, sign and put in my box in the lab.

Enter and submit your hrs in ExpressLane for April 16th-April 30th.

cell phones, etc.

I just caught someone with her cell phone on her desk, open and ready for texting.

Please be sure to remind testers that they cannot have cell phones or any electronics at their desk.

We should be walking around, pushing in chairs, collecting paper clips and covertly checking to see if people have their cell phones out. I know this is hard to do when we’re checking people in–it gets really busy and then there are tests to be filed, etc. When it gets really busy, please call me on the walkie, so I can help. Also, if it’s busy and you need to take a break, please call me to come fill in.

If students have not put their stuff in the cubbies, sometimes it’s blocking the aisles, so please let them know you are going to put their stuff in the cubbies for them. If they do not want to put purses and laptops in the cubbies, then write their Cubicle Number on a post-it, stick it on their purse or whatever and then stash it under the table in the WRITTEN LAB.

CELL PHONES should not be on them, even if they are off and in a pocket–they need to be in a backpack/purse or be turned in.


Let’s have students write their name and their Instructor’s last name on their notecards, while we’re checking them in.

ART 214 and ART 209

These are both online (Computer) tests for PLUNKETT.

One 3 x 5 notecard is allowed for the ART 214 exam.

No notecards are allowed for the ART 209 Exam.

CS 120 and CS 160 Exams Online

Linda LOFT and Silas SNIDER are teaching the online CS 120 courses.

Anthony MICHAELS is teaching the online CS 160 course.

No notes or texts are allowed for any of these exams.


There are 3 telecourse tests that are WRITTEN tests in the top file drawer:

Cynthia ADAMS’ PSY 110

Sheila BRODERICK’s HST 203


Please remember to ask BRODERICK’s and ANDERSON’s students if they are in the TELECOURSE or LECTURE class, since both of these Instructors will also have WRITTEN make-ups for their lecture classes and students often fail to tell us this and are given the Telecourse exam in lieu of the lecture version.

We will need to re-use the exams, (unless you notice that someone has written on an exam, in which case, you would attach a post-it to the exam and file it with the completed scantrons in the third file drawer).

ANDERSON’s HST 106 exams
also have an essay sheet, in addition to the scantrons that will need to be attached to the front of the exam, before you re-file it to be re-used.

We fill out scantrons and essay sheets ahead of time and clip them to the back of the file folders, so you shouldn’t have to fill any out when you re-file the exam in the top drawer.


Pat Hansen’s BT 165 (Accounting) class has 2 parts.

The first part is on the computer, which we sign them into. Tell students to come get Part 2 when they have completed the first part. No need to sign them in again for Part 2–just make sure to put the time they start the written part at the top of the test where indicated and make sure the end time is written on the test when they hand it in.



Please remember to ask DEFILIPPO’s PSY 203 students if they are in the online class or the lecture class.

Her online PSY 203 students take the computer (MOODLE) exam.

There are written tests in the 2nd drawer for her lecture students.

For Exam #1 there are sets of labelled scantrons and essay sheets paper clipped to the back of the folder for you to use when re-using an exam.