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will be due again at the end of this week, since I won’t see you before SPRING TERM!

Please leave me a signed copy so that I won’t have to track you down, and remember to submit your hours in ExpressLane.

HST 202

There are several Instructors who teach HST 202.

BRODERICK’s Telecourse exams are WRITTEN–top file drawer.

BRODERICK may have some written make-ups in the 2nd file drawer for the Telecourse and for her lecture section of HST 202.

ESCOBAR’s lecture exams are in MOODLE (computer)

WANKE’s HST 202 Exam is WRITTEN–top file drawer.


Make sure to enter all of your hours from March 1st through the 15th and leave a signed copy in my mail box in the lab.

Make-up test for METZGER

is in the 2nd file drawer.


There may be one or two students for Roma CUSIMANO’s evening SPANISH 202 class coming in to take their exam–it’s in the second file drawer.


There are still a couple people taking Exam #2 for the PSY 215 online class–those are now in the second file drawer with students’ names on them.

PSY 215 EXAM #3 is now in the top file–there are 2 versions again with 59 multiple choice questions each. NO essay part for Exam #3.

(REMEMBER that Lindy BEANE teaches PSY 215 as a lecture class, so she has WRITTEN make-ups too, with the students’ names on them in the second file drawer.)

I made separate hanging file folders for DEFILIPPO’s PSY 201 lecture, PSY 202 lecture and PSY 215 make-up exams.

REMEMBER that DEFILIPPO also has ONLINE (Computer) exams for her online PSY 202 class.