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Locking the file cabinet…

We have been noticing that the file cabinet has not been locked some of the time.

We also should always file tests in the file cabinet and not leave them sitting out.

Part of the reason I want you to initial the checkout procedure is so that you don’t forget to do this.

Sometimes the janitors come in at night and the door does not close behind them, so although it may seem unlikely that anyone could get in and steal/destroy exams, if this happened one time it would be very bad, to say the least, so please take extra care to make sure tests are filed and the cabinet is locked before you leave if you do the closing shift.

Thanks! 🙂


If students inquire about Saturday hours, then please remind them that there may be fewer doors unlocked on SATURDAYS.

Security is supposed to open at least one door on the North side of the cafeteria and one door on the SOUTH side of the cafeteria in addition to one door on the 4th floor at the top of the stairs.

If they have any issue getting access to the building, then they should call Security at 463-5555.


Friday! If you work Saturday then include those hrs.

DEFILIPPO’s PSY 215 online exam #2

This is a WRITTEN EXAM in the top file drawer.

Students are allowed two attempts on this exam, so there are 2 different VERSIONS of the exam.

They should take VERSION 1 of the exam first–it has two parts, 94 multiple choice questions and 9 short answers.

VERSION 2 has only the 94 multiple choice questions.

It has been taking students 2 hours to complete VERSION 1, so they come in after 5pm, you need to ask them if they think they will have enough time–you may start by giving them part one and then give them part 2 only if they get done with part 1 by 6pm. Once they start the exam, if they have both parts, then they cannot come back to finish it at another time.

If they want to attempt the exam a second time, then give them VERSION 2, which is in the ORANGE folder.

Please take extra care when re-attaching scantrons and/scantron & essay sets to the exams and replacing them in the top drawer–it is critical that the test version matches the version it says on the scantron or the test will be scored using the wrong answer key, so be sure you are putting the exam back in the correct folder.

There are two class lists in the COMPLETED test folder for DEFILIPPO for PSY 215–one for VERSION 1 and one for VERSION 2.

Students will be asking you when they will get their scores for attempt 1 (version 1). They will need to Email their Instructor. It does say in their syllabus that they will be given the better of the 2 scores, so if they have time, then it cannot hurt them to take the exam a second time and she will have it open until 1pm (closing time) on Saturday.

PLEASE remind students to be here by 11am SATURDAY, so that they will have enough time to take their exam and remind them which doors are unlocked on Saturdays.

If you notice that a test is written on, then please put a post-it on the exam with a note that says it’s been written on and file it in the completed test folder.

If you are unclear about these instructions, then please feel free to ask me.

Thanks. 🙂

HANSEN’s BT 165 Exam

The new exam starts this Friday, 2/27/09.

Remember to have students do the computer part first and then do the written part.

Write the time the students start and end the WRITTEN part on the top of the WRITTEN part where highlighted in yellow.

I will be out of the office Monday, February 23rd

I will put completed exams in Instructors’ boxes on Tuesday am. 🙂

Please Email Instructors as usual if there are issues with their exams.

Cassidy’s HO 100 Exam is the only one I am aware of that closes on Monday.


I am putting FINALS WEEK SCHEDULES and a green SPRING SCHEDULE in your boxes.

Please fill them out as soon as possible.

Also, let me know if you would prefer not to work FINALS week and I will not schedule you to work.


New Instructor

There’s an exam in the second file drawer for one of Jennifer REIDEL’s students for CJA 214–Introduction to Forensic Science.

She co-teaches the class with Mike HURLEY.

BRODERICK’s HST 202 exams

This is a reminder that if someone comes in for HST 202 with BRODERICK, you need to ask if they are in the TELECOURSE or in the LECTURE class, since BOTH tests are WRITTEN.

The TELECOURSE exams are in the top drawer and the LECTURE HST 202 exams are in the 2nd file drawer, with the students’ names on them.

Ai Yambe

This student has permission to use an electronic dictionary on John del Nero’s CJA 110 exams and Sheila Broderick’s HST 202 TELECOURSE exams.