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If you close the lab….

Please be sure to check off items on the closing procedure checklist.

Sometimes the staff machines are not being shut down. It’s helpful to make sure these get shut down because then it clears the RAM when they are rebooted in the morning.

The staff computers have been giving us what I call the pinwheel of death lately and when that happens we need to shut the whole computer down and reboot it (turn it back on after waiting a minute or two).

Also, I think I have mentioned this to all of you who close, but just in case, please make sure:

1) that the door to CEN 455 (the GIS Lab) is locked
2) Everyone is out of CEN 455
3) the door between CEN 455 and 456 is closed

Thanks for your help!

Filing tests and notecards

Somehow completed tests were filed in the 2nd file drawer again in Pastor’s folder.

Please make sure to file all completed tests in the 3rd file drawer.

Also, I may not have mentioned this to the new folks–in the 3rd file drawer in the front there are folders just for notecards–for the Instructors who allow notecards on their computer tests. You can just file the notecards in those folders, so you don’t have to open the drawer all of the way each time you go to file a notecard. It’s helpful if you have students pencil in the Instructor’s name on the notecard so you can file it when they hand it in.

If those Instructors also have written exams, then file those exams/scantrons, etc. with the notecards clipped to them in the appropriate alphabetized folder for that Instructor.

Midterms are approaching…

As business picks up in the next two weeks, please remember to get up and push in chairs, when possible to check to see that students have put their belongings in the cubbies and that they have their cell phones off their desks.

Please also call me to come to the lab when it gets very busy and if necessary when you need to take your break for those of you who are scheduled for 4 hrs or more at a time. 🙂


Patricia HANSEN’s BT 165 Exam has 2 parts.

Students should do the computer part first and then come ask us for the written part.

Please write the start and stop times on the written part–the time they start and finish the WRITTEN part.

Start and End Times on Exams

Some of the WRITTEN Exams have Start Time and End Times written on the front page of exams.

For Example, the WRITTEN part of the BT 165 Exam for HANSEN and Eric KIM’s Make-up Psychology Exams.

Please write the start time on the exam when you give the student the exam and then when the student hands the exam in, make sure the end time is written on the exam.

I usually highlight these with yellow marker.

BORROWDALE’s PHL 202 and PHL 203 classes

Jeffrey BORROWDALE has PRACTICE EXAMS for his PHL 202 and PHL 203 classes.

When you sign students into these exams, please be sure to open the actual exam and NOT the Practice Exams.

They should take the practice exams somewhere else.


There are 2 Instructors teaching PS 202 (Political Science 202–U.S. Government and Politics)–Steve CANDEE and Denis SNOOK.

(SNOOK is NOT teaching PS 201 this term.)

If a student is uncertain of who their Instructor is, please have them print their schedule and you can look up who the Instructor is, using the CRN # on their schedule. (Ask me if you need to know how to do this.)

Denis SNOOK’s PS 202 Exam

The Instructor wants us to make sure students give themselves at least an hour and 20 minutes to completed this exam.

Filing Tests…

OOPS–I found a completed test for Lindy BEANE filed in the 2nd file drawer today that should have been in the Completed tests folder for BEANE….


DEFILIPPO has two lecture classes for which she will give written make-up exams–PSY 201 and PSY 202.

These are in separate folders in DEFILIPPO’s file folder in the second file drawer.

We will need to re-use these exams–file the scantron or the scantron with the essay sheet in DEFILIPPO’s COMPLETED tests folder (third file drawer).

There are extra scantrons and sets of scantrons with short answer sheets attached that are clipped to the back of the PSY 201 and the PSY 202 folders. Please be sure to re-attach the appropriate scantron or scantron with essay sheet to the test and put it back in the correct folder.

If there are no more scantrons, then be sure to correctly label them before you attach one to an exam.

Also, please remember to check to make sure that students have put their name on the scantrons before you file it.