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METZGER”S SOC 204 and SOC 211 Exams

Both of these exams are in the top file drawer.

Unfortunately, both of them are on GREEN paper, so please be careful when you re-file them.

The SOC 204 exam just requires a scantron.

The SOC 211 exam requires a scantron and the white essay sheet.

There are extra scantrons and essay sheets in the back of the test folders for you to use when re-filing the exams.

The scantrons and essay sheets go in the COMPLETED tests folder for METGER and please check names off when you file the exams.



Just a heads up that DEFILIPPO has tests 3 and 4 in the 2nd file drawer.

Exam #3 just requires a scantron.

Exam #4 requires a scantron and a blue short answer sheet.

There are extra scantrons and short answer sheets in the back of the folder where the tests are, so you can use them to set up the test before re-filing it.

Put the scantrons and the scantrons with short answer sheets clipped to them in the COMPLETED tests folder for DEFILIPPO.

Also, once again remember that DEFILIPPO has students in her online class who should take the computer exam, not the written exams. 🙂

HO 100

Suzanne CASSIDY’s HO 100 (Medical Terminology) exams are online.

Cindy MANNING also teaches HO 100 and her exam is WRITTEN–2nd file drawer–these are for students needing to make up the exam.

The Instructor requested that we make sure to space these students out and proctor them well, since they may be coming in together to take the exam.

delNero’s CJA 100 Exams

Exam 2 is still in the top file drawer–since the whole class took it.

There is also ONE copy of exam 1 for a student to make up in the second file drawer under delNero.

SALT’s SOC 204 Exam

Jim SALT has a SOC 204 TELECOURSE and those exams are online.

For the lecture section of his course this term, the exam is written–there are currently some written copies of that exam in the 2nd file drawer. We have to re-use the exams and there are only 2 copies, so please set the exams up for the next student (extra scantrons and essay sheets are clipped to the back of the folder). Just file the scantron with the essay sheets in the completed test folder for SALT.


Another note about next week…

You’ll need to get your timesheets in again and submitted in ExpressLane NEXT WEEK, so please plan accordingly–e.g. if you work on Tuesday of next week only, then get your timesheet in and submitted on Tuesday.

Thanksgiving week

Just a reminder that next week is Thanksgiving and we will CLOSE EARLY on WEDNESDAY–at 5PM.

Also, the lab WILL NOT BE OPEN Thursday, Friday, SATURDAY or Sunday.

Just letting you know so if students ask, you’ll know what to tell them.

I have the hours posted in the lab and on my website, but I’d hate for people to come out here the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving just to find out we’re closed!


This is one of Linda Loft’s online classes.

If students are trying to access the exam tomorrow (Saturday)if there is any problem, then she said that it’s OK to call her. Here are the numbers she’ll be available at:

485-7081, or 505-4411

Thanks! 🙂

GEOG 142

SONGER’s GEOG 142 exam is online–Please remember to remind students to save as they go on this exam.


Cassidy’s HO 100 Midterm

Currently, the Instructor does not have it set to show students their scores immediately after the test.