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Testing Computers

If the testing computers fail to connect to the Remote Desktop or they do anything strange, like show the checkin screen and the remote desktop screen, then try logging off and relogging on with:
Username: student
Password: (Use the same 4 letter secret password we always use)

Let me know if there are more issues with the testing computers


Are due today… Friday.

Please submit the hrs you’ve worked from 10/16 through 10/31 and leave a paper copy in my box in the lab.



For students whose first language is not English, if they want to use their own translation dictionary, it’s OK for them to use it–just check it for no notes.


I will be in at 11am–I’ll be home at 9am if there is any problem with the computers, feel free to call my home number: 342-1397.

Computer #23 was doing something weird today–it was showing the checkin screen and the Remote Desktop on the testing computer and we were not able to connect to it using the Remote Desktop–if it’s being weird tomorrow, then just turn it off and I’ll figure it out when I get there….

MARTINEZ’ ECON 200 Exam #1

This is a WRITTEN EXAM–top file drawer. The Instructor will give us more copies tomorrow.

This INSTRUCTOR also has an ONLINE (COMPUTER) ECON 200 course, but students are on Exam #3 for that course now, but just letting you know so that you can be aware not to automatically give MARTINEZ ECON 200 students the Written exam.

(The WRITTEN exam is for the students in the lecture class.)

MARTINEZ’ ECON 200 Exam #3

Here is a message from the Instructor:

Exam 3 is temporarily open Oct. 29 for one student to take it early. It is scheduled for the entire class for Nov. 3 – 8.

We had some students trying to take the exam yesterday, but it’s not available to the class until NOV 3rd…..

Email from Linda Loft–CS160 students

Hi Toni –
I had some students that went to the wrong lab on Saturday to take the CS160 midterm. So I am letting them make it up. Please expect these students to come in for the test tomorrow. The password which will need to be entered is
‘MT1-22188’ (no quotes). They will not know the password. Thanks, Linda
Alysha Green
Jared Bock
Evan Gregoire
Connie Castle

Staff Training…

When you have a chance this week, please log in to MOODLE and click on the Staff Training Review–you have unlimited attempts, so you should be able to get 100%.

You will need to use the same 4 letter password that we use to login to the checkin screen and the Remote Desktop. Feel free to ask me if you have questions–that’s the reason I’m having you read through it and answer the questions.

Thanks! 🙂


Please read the Fire Drill Instructions–It’s a link in this screen to the right under “Pages”. Ask me if you cannot find it.


People have started coming in to take the BT 165 Exam–Remember when students complete the computer part of the exam, they should come ask you for the WRITTEN part.

Ask them who their Instructor is–HANSEN and PASCHALL. (NOTE: PASCHALL is not on the drop-down list–you have to type this one in the COMMENTS BOX).

Make sure to write START and STOP times on the exam.