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I need to know when you are available to work/if you are available to work during FINALS WEEK, so that I can make the schedule.

Please fill out the FINALS WEEK SCHEDULE in your box by the end of this week. The FINALS SCHEDULE is posted on the wall. Ask me if you need a copy.

Small children…

FYI–If a person shows up wanting to take an exam with a small child or a baby because their child care fell through, etc. then please call me–I may be able to set the student up in the Map Room to take their exam.

If I am not available, then Email the Instructor and let them know you cannot let them take the exam with a small child in the room. It is disruptive to other testers and the parent will not be able to fully focus on the exam if they are having to tend to the child. Let the student know that you are contacting the Instructor and if necessary, give them my name/number.

Older children can sit quietly in the Written lab in front of the checkin desk (Cubicle CC) or have the parent take the test on computer #10 if it is available and have the child/ren sit in the written test cubicles to the right (GG, HH).

Thanks for your attention to this–I know it doesn’t happen very often and I know it’s hard to say “No” to someone who shows up with their small child, but I want students to be able to focus on their exams and be successful.

One Written exam for a BORROWDALE student

Jeff BORROWDALE has a student who needs to make up exams from SPRING 2007. There is currently one WRITTEN exam in the 2nd file drawer for Emily Hedgepeth.

Free Goodies in the BOOKSTORE today!

It’s Customer Appreciation Day today in the BOOKSTORE. Free food and prizes!

FYI: Lane Focus Groups

The Office of Instruction would like to create focus groups again this year to get students’ perspective on their experience at Lane.  This is an on-going effort on a three year cycle that looks early contact with the college, experience with instruction, and co-curricular and climate experiences. 

This year the groups will answer questions about instruction.What:  Student groups providing an assessment of their Lane experience by anonymously responding to 3 questions:
1) What positive experiences have you had with instruction at Lane?
2) What challenging instructional experiences have you had at Lane?
3) What is your overall assessment for instruction at Lane?

Where: Center Building, room 407
When: May 30, 10-11 AM
Why: To help Lane Community College generally improve experience of students at the college.
Results: Each student who participates can receive a copy of the full set of responses to the above questions if they wish.  (No names will be used in the final report which will aggregate responses into themes.)


This exam has 2 parts. Sign students into the computer part first. Tell them when they have completed that part to come get the written part.

No need to check ID and check them in to the written part–just tell them to hand it in when they are done.



This is a WRITTEN test in the 2nd file drawer.

Defilippo is also teaching an online class for PSY 203. Do not give the online students the WRITTEN test.

Students with Special Accomodations

FYI: Sometimes students are taking tests in the lab because they are allowed to have extra time or they need a quiet testing environment.

Students should not be showing lab staff their accomodations form from Disabilities Services. If a student tells you they have special accomodations, please call me, unless it’s just that they are needing unlimited time.

LARGE PRINT Test for one of METZGER’s students

Rod METZGER’s SOC 204 Exam is WRITTEN–top file drawer.

There is one copy of the test in LARGE PRINT for one of his students. It’s on white paper–the regular print tests are on coral colored paper.

MARTINEZ’s ECON 200 and 201 exams

Just a reminder that MARTINEZ does not allow calculators on his exams.

It is a good idea to tell his students this before they start the exams.

I caught a student using a graphing calculator on Martinez’s ECON 201 exam last week and asked the Instructor if he had changed his policy and decided to let students use calculators, since the student was so adamant that he was allowed to use it.


I know Bill BURROWS allows students to use calculators for his ECON tests, but Phil MARTINEZ does not. 🙁