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Just a reminder that campus is not open this Friday, so the lab will be closed.

We will be open this Saturday, 9am-1pm as usual, however.

MARTINEZ’ ECON 201 Exam #3

Several students apparently thought this exam started this week, but it really isn’t supposed to start until Monday, May 5th.


This Exam has 2 parts. Please sign students into the COMPUTER part first and tell them to come get the written part when they have finished the computer part. The WRITTEN part is in the top file drawer.

No notes are allowed. Please make sure that students put their name on the written part.



FYI: Sheila BRODERICK teaches a HST 203 TELECOURSE and also IN-CLASS sections of HST 203. The TELECOURSE exams are in the top file drawer–they are WRITTEN exams. The HST 203 IN-CLASS make-up exams are in the 2nd file drawer under BRODERICK.

If a student needs an exam for HST 203–BRODERICK, please ask them if they are in the TELECOURSE or in a LECTURE class. Then you can give them the appropriate test. The make-up exams have students’ names on them, which is helpful. Remember, students do not usually ask for a “make-up” exam–they just say, “I’m here for my HST 203 exam”.

We do not want to give the TELECOURSE exam to the IN-CLASS students.

Saturday Staff

Hello Liz and Amy!

RE: CANDEE’s PS203 exams. I have given Steve 29 exams–those are the names that are highlighted in BLUE on the class lists in the completed test file.

Can you do me a favor and check off the students’ names who take the test tomorrow? Steve may come by to pick up the exams. Please count the number of checks that you make and the number of exams–it should be the same number. 🙂

Leave the class lists in the file drawer for our records.

Many thanks!!!


This is a COMPUTER EXAM. If you do not see the exam, then click on the Quizzes Link in the activities block on the left. Ask me if you cannot find it!

Links in Exams….

There was an issue with Sarvis’ HST 202 exam having links in it to study guides. It was causing students to be exited out of exams if they clicked on it. I had the Instructor fix this, but if it happens in the future, right click on the mouse to go back to the previous page and tell the student not to click on any links. Then Email the Instructor.


DELF’s History Exams

There are two copies of Greg DELF’s History Exam in the 2nd file drawer. Remember, students do not ask for a MAKE-UP exam–they just say, “I’m here for my history exam”.

If students are unsure about who their Instructor is, then have them print their schedule and look up the class on the green sheets (the abbreviated Spring Term schedule of Social Science classes) to see who the Instructor is. Otherwise, you may inadvertently give the wrong test to a student.

CANDEE’s PS203 Exam #1

This is a WRITTEN EXAM in the top file drawer. Please tell students to answer the short answer questions on the scantron and to write directly on the exam for the essays. They should not need scratch paper.

HANSEN’s BT165 Exam

Patricia HANSEN’s BT 165 Exam #1 is in TWO PARTS.

Sign students into the computer part first and read the information in the text box to the student.

Tell them they need to come get the WRITTEN part when they have completed the computer part. You do not have to enter their information a second time in the checkin system, since they are just taking Part 2 of the test.

Write the start time on the top of the exam for the WRITTEN part when you give them the exam and write the END time on the exam when they hand it in.

NO NOTES OR SCRATCH PAPER ARE ALLOWED. Students can use calculators though (NO calculators on phones!), and feel free to send them in the computer room to do the WRITTEN part (there are some cubbies in that room with no computers and it’s quieter in there).

Please offer students earplugs or to move to the computer room if it’s noisy, since many students complained about the noise last term.