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Multiple Tabs

When you open a test for a student (and you need to do this to check), EXIT OUT OF MULTIPLE TABS.

There should not be multiple tabs showing when students take an exam–this may potentially cause problems when the student submits their exam.

If you don’t know what I mean by this, ask me. 🙂



I know you just did a timesheet and put your hrs in ExpressLane this week, but I will need you to fill out another timesheet and sign it and enter the hrs you’re working for FINALS WEEK in ExpressLane BEFORE you leave for SPRING BREAK.

LEUNG’s PSY 202 Exams

There are 2 separate folders in the top file drawer for LEUNG’s exams–exam #3 and the FINAL.

Please be sure to give students the correct exam when they finish the computer part.

Also, please ask students to write their FULL name, their class time and staple the notecard to the back of the exam when finished.

If you can check them off on the class lists and alphabetize as we go, that’s helpful.

There are 2 sets of class lists–be sure you’re checking off the correct list. 🙂

Thanks for your added diligence on this!

Please remember to tell students to save without submitting….

Students should save their work periodically as they go, especially for exams like KIMBLE’s BT 144 online exam, because it is all essay. If the computer momentarily blipped out, then their work would be lost.

Students still need to hit the “Submit all and finish” button when their exam is completed.


Remember, when checking students into computer exams, if you are in the WRITTEN Lab, then sign students into computers 1-17.

If you are in the COMPUTER lab side, then sign students into computers 18-29.

For Written exams, please assign students to cubbys (except for LEUNG’s students who are doing part two of their exam).

ALSO, do not let students take copies of the exam from the lab–if their Instructor told them it’s OK, then we’ll give the exam to their Instructor and s/he can do that if they want to.


Make up tests

Just a reminder to always look in BOTH the first and second file drawers if a student is here for a WRITTEN exam, and if you cannot find an exam, then call me–we’re down to the wire, so we want to make sure we don’t accidentally send a student away if we have the exam.

David LEUNG’s students for PSY 202

Please have these students turn in their crosswords in the Social Science drop box–they should not have these at their desk when they are taking the exam.

Bill Burrows’ Exams….

This Instructor says it is O.K. for international students and students who have English as a second language to use calculators and electronic dictionaries on his ECON 200, ECON 201, ECON 202 and HUM 100 exams. (HUM 100 students won’t need calculators.)

Phil MARTINEZ and all other Instructors DO NOT ALLOW calcualtors or electronic dictionaries on his ECON 200, ECON 201 and ECON 202 exams.

Thanks for asking students to use the paper dictionaries. If we do not have a dictionary in a student’s native language, then let me know…


are spring schedules–if you can fill it out before break that would be helpful…

Also, if you are not planning to work in the lab next term, then let me know–I may need to hire more people for SPRING term.



You will need to fill out and sign a written timesheet and enter your hours in ExpressLane.

You should enter all hrs worked from March 1st through March 15th. Since march 15th is a Saturday–most of you should submit your time by Friday, March 15th.