Monthly Archives: January 2008

LEUNG’s PSY 202 Exam

There are several sections of David LEUNG’s PSY 202 lecture class who will be testing in the lab.

There are 2 parts to the exam. Sign students into the computer part first and tell them to come ask for the WRITTEN part when they are done.

Ask students to put their NAME and CLASS TIME on the top of the written sheet and to staple their notecard to the test when they are done.


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to WINTER TERM! Our first Timesheet is due on Thursday, JAN. 31st. Please submit your timesheet by NOON, however, you will need to include all hours worked or to be worked through 7pm on the 31st.

You may have to hit next page in ExpressLane to get to the 31st.

If this is your first time entering your hours in ExpressLane, then please ask me to show you how to enter your hours.

Check to make sure the TOTAL number of hours on your written timesheet–the one you will sign and put in my box–is the same as the TOTAL number of hours you submit in ExpressLane.

I will start collecting timesheets today.