Monthly Archives: November 2007

I-pods and cell phones, etc.

We have caught a couple of people cheating recently, so please ask students to put their cell phones and I-pods into their backpacks–they should not have them on their desks.

Since we cannot see students who are testing 100% of the time, they can use their phones to text messsage.

Also, be aware that sometimes students who sit in the back corner of the room and students who have their backpacks/notebooks near them may take their notebooks out and use them during testing.

I let students put their purses, etc. under their desk, but it shouldn’t be on the desk…

Earplugs…. :-)

If you haven’t already noticed, there is a container of orange earplugs on the whiteboard shelf.

If you have a student who is complaining about the noise or who seems like they might be disturbed by noise, then please offer them the earplugs.


is in the top file drawer.

Make-ups for her lecture classes are in the 2nd file drawer.


are in the TOP File drawer now.

Look in the 2nd file drawer for exam #2 and make-up for her lecture classes.

EXAMS for WATROUS’ ED 209 students

Look in the 2nd file drawer under WATROUS.

The test has 2 PARTS. Please follow the INSTRUCTIONS on the sheet attached to the exam–they are only allowed to use a 3 x 5 notecard for the first part.

There are extra BLUE books for the short answer/essay part in WATROUS’ folder, if students need one.


If you have not already given me your FINALS WEEK SCHEDULE, then I need it so that I can put together the schedule for next week–I can’t believe next week is FINALS WEEK already!


Please enter your hours worked from NOV 16th through NOV 30th. You will need to submit these in ExpressLane by Nov. 30th.

Please also sign the written sheet (GREEN for Learn & Earn and BLUE for Work Study). Put it in my box with a copy of the hours you submitted in ExpressLane.

You will need to submit one more timesheet for the hours you’ll work FINALS week–that you’ll need to submit before you leave for WINTER BREAK.


One WRITTEN exam for GILDS’ ONLINE Student

Melinda Hernandez is in the ONLINE PSY 203 class for Kendra GILDS–this is normally a COMPUTER test, but she is taking a WRITTEN test–it’s in GILDS’ folder in the 2nd file drawer.

Student for Will SARVIS’s History class…

One of Will SARVIS’ students may be in on Wednesday to take an exam from a previous term.

Just click on the appropriate term, then have the student log into MOODLE as usual.

From Linda LOFT re: student coming in this WEDNESDAY…

Hi Toni –
I have a student that will be coming in late Wed. afternoon to take the cs120 midterm. His name is Ben Hansen.
I’ve given him a password (Ben), so I think everything should be set. Let me know if there’s a problem. – Linda

Whoever signs this student into MOODLE will be prompted for the password after he logs into MOODLE. Call me if there is any problem.