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Please be aware, especially if you are the only one in the lab, that you need to walk around and push in chairs. I have been finding people with their notebooks out lately….

Especially if it is not busy, please be aware whether or not students have put their backpacks on the cubbies and if not, then ask them if you can put it on the shelf for them. If their stuff is not near them , they will be less tempted to sneak their notebooks out and have a peek!


We have had a few students lately NOT showing us their notecards prior to testing and sneaking in with 4 x 6 cards.

    For COMPUTER exams, the following Instructors allow notecards:

    BORROWDALE–All his classes
    DEFILIPPO–All her classes
    LEUNG–All his clases
    NAYLOR–All classes
    RAZA–only for SOC 204 AND the notecards must be HANDWRITTEN.

    It should tell you that a notecard is allowed when you’re setting up the test in MOODLE, so please remember to ask students to see their notecard.

    If it is too big, then they need to re-write it or hand them the scissors and a ruler or a blank 3 x 5 card to cut it down to size.


Please submit your time in ExpressLane by Thursday, May 31st at NOON.

You should include all your hours for the 31st.

Please note–there are three pages in ExpressLane. You have to hit the NEXT button to get to page 2 and the to page 3.


Yes, it’s that time again! Please Email your Instructors or whatever you need to do to let me know your availability FINALS WEEK.


I had a student this evening ask if she could use scratch paper to write down the questions she has questions on for a computer exam.

If a student asks to do this, please inform them that the best thing for her/him to do would be to meet with the Instructor during her/his office hrs and go over the exam. We cannot allow a student to leave the lab with a piece of paper containing test questions.

In general, do not hand students scratch paper–ask them to come ask you for it if/when they find they need it… I really don’t want students to be in the habit of always using scratch paper for computer tests.


This Instructor doesn’t want students using ANY electronic equipment–no calculators and NO electronic dictionaries. He said that students can use paper dictionaries. We do not have paper copies of dictionaries in every language. In the case where we do not have one in the desired language, a student can bring his or her own copy and we can just check it for notes before the student starts to test.


DEFILIPPO’s PSY 236 exam

Some students have encountered problems when submitting the exam. If it doesn’t give a student a score and it appears that some of the 40 questions are lost, please Email the Instructor. She will have to hand grade the exam.

You can assure students that she will give them a score out of the total number of questions that are saved.


This is a make-up test–WRITTEN–2nd file drawer.

The test has 3 parts–the test, the scantron and a short answer sheet.

Please make sure that students hand in all three parts.

Since there are only 4 copies of the exam, please make sure that you put the completed scantron paper clipped to the completed short answer sheet in the completed test folder.

Since there are only 4 copies of the exam, set up the test for the next person to take it–there are some sets of scantrons and short answer sheets at the back of DEFILIPPO’s folder in the second file drawer.

NOTECARDS for computer tests

DEFILIPPO allows students to take her PSY 236 Exam twice.

When setting students up for this exam, please ask students if they have a notecard and if they do, then ask them to hand it in when they are done. Most students will just hand it in.

If they tell you that they want to keep the notecard for the second try, then tell them to show the notecard to a staffperson before they leave. It’s not necessary to tell them this unless they ask.

BRODERICK’s HST 203 Telecourse Exam #2

THIS IS A WRITTEN EXAM–top file drawer.

Remember to ask BRODERICK’s students if they are in the TELECOURSE or in an in-class section of HST 203. Some students from her in-class sections of HST 203 have MAKE-UP exams in the 2nd file drawer.

Also, one student has a make up for TEST #1 of the HST 203 TELECOURSE in the 2nd file drawer.