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DEFILIPP’s PSY 203 Exam #1

I put copies of the exam in her folder–2nd file drawer.

We may need to re-use these exams, since we only have 2 copies and I do not know how many students will be making up the exam.

If you don’t find the exam in the 2nd file drawer, then check the completed test file and see if someone filed it there.

When you put a new scantron on the exam, then PLEASE label it with DEFILIPPO/PSY 203


I will be out of the office on Tuesday, May 1st

If there are issues with Instructors’ exams, please Email them as usual.


It looks like we will not be open on Saturdays for the rest of the term.

Please tell students that they can always check the updated hours at:

BEANE’s PSY 236 exam

THIS IS A WRITTEN EXAM in the top file drawer.

Make sure students know their INSTRUCTOR’s name before giving them a test.


The college is having an Inservice that day, so the campus will be closed.

CAUTION–PSY 235, PSY 236 and PSY 239

Once again, please make sure that students know their INSTRUCTOR–there are several Instructors teaching PSY 235 , PSY 236 and PSY 239.

GILDS — PSY 235–computer test
DEFILIPPO–PSY 236–2 versions of WRITTEN test #1 and a computer test
ADAMS–PSY 236–WRITTEN Make-ups only

In addition, DEFILIPPO teaches PSY 110, and MANNERING teaches PSY 215.

Several Instructors teach PSY 201, 202 and 203. These are mostly make-up exams, but GILDS had her online PSY 201 exam on the computer.

Please type in the correct course number in and Instructor’s name in the COMMENTS box on the chekin screen.

KOLBUSS’s PSY 236 Exam

This is a computer test. Please make sure that students know their Instructor’s NAME, so that they do not accidentally take DEFILIPPO’s PSY 236 WRITTEN test.



PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL when putting a new scantron on the exams so that they may be re-used. Make sure it says the CORRECT version (#1 or #2) of the exam on the scantron.

In addition to making sure that students put their name on the scantrons, please have students who take the WRITTEN VERSIONS of the EXAM bubble in their L#’s in the space provided.

THERE IS ALSO A COMPUTER VERSION OF THE EXAM. Students can take the computer exam once and both WRITTEN VERSIONS of the exam, in any order.


I talked to the Instructor yesterday and she said she is hoping to have the 2nd attempt available by Monday–I’ll let you know when it’s available. Please assure students that they WILL get a second attempt. They may not be able to get their score before they take the 2nd attempt, but they can always study and take it a second time.

As usual, if students have questions/concerns you can Email the Instructor. If they have questions on an exam question, then have students answer the question and then you can have them write their question on a post-it note when they hand in the exam and scantron.

TIMESHEETS for 4/16 through 4/30

These will be due on Monday 4/30, so be sure to fill out a WRITTEN timesheet, sign it and put it in my box BEFORE MONDAY the 30th, especially if you are not scheduled to work Mondays.

You’ll also need to submit your hours in ExpressLane by noon on the 30th, although REMEMBER, if you are scheduled to work after noon, you DO include those hours for the 30th.

There are extra timesheets in the lab:
Use BLUE if you are a Work Study student
Use GREEN if you are a Learn and Earn Student
Use WHITE if you are an Hourly employee.