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We close at 5pm on THURSDAY

Just a reminder that our hrs FINALS WEEK are: Mon-Wed: 9am-7pm and Thurs: 9am-5pm.
We are not officially open on Friday, but Instructors who have students with emergencies can have their students test Friday, 9am-Noon. Please do not advertise this to students. 🙂

Four more days till SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

NAYLOR’s FN225 (Nutrition) Final

It’s online–Part 1 for TVland (Live Interactive Class). People in the in-class sections of Naylor’s FN225 can take this too–it’s the Final Exam.

The other part “Final (ch 7 & 8) they can take from any computer–it doesn’t have to be proctored.


I’ll need everyone who is working any hours Friday, Mach 16th and/or during FINALS WEEK to fill out another TIMESHEET and enter their time in ExpressLane before you leave for the term.

Also, if you have even a tentative schedule for SPRING TERM, please give it to me BEFORE you leave for break.



We re-arranged these! Now they are clipped together by QUIZ NUMBER. Please leave them clipped together, and keept the post-it with the quiz number on the top of the pile.

Students are allowed to do the online quizzes 2 times and then if they don’t like their score, they can take the essay. It’s up to students to track which quiz they need to take.

We should try to avoid letting students look at the essay questions first to try to let them figure out if it’s the correct quiz. You can have them log into Moodle and sign into a quiz to see if they’ve already taken it, if they don’t remember… I usually wait to type the checkin info. till I’m sure which quiz they are taking.


Dates in MOODLE

Hi Everyone,

For MOODLE (online) tests, there is a date that says when the test OPENS and when the test CLOSES. The “Closing” date is not necessarily the same as the “Deadline” date that the Instructor gave students.

If a student asks you when their test deadline is, you can say, “Sorry, I don’t have that information. What is the deadline your Instructor gave you?” It may be inaccurate to look at the date that the test is open ’till and quote that date to the student. I know that may seem counter-intuitive, hence, this announcement.

We’re really not responsible for knowing when the deadline dates are for exams.

Also beware when students ask what time the lab is open until and if we’re open on Saturdays, etc. For example, if a student asks, “Can I take my test on Saturday?” then you can say the hours that the lab is open, but that you don’t know when their test deadline is…..

A good response is to have the student check with her/his Instructor.



Use a new timesheet to report your hours for March 1st-15th. You’ll need to enter your hours in ExpressLane by noon on the 15th, but PLEASE INCLUDE ALL HOURS worked or to be worked for the 15th.



This is a WRITTEN EXAM in the top drawer.

We only have 10 copies of the exam, so we need to reuse them.

Please put a new scantron and sheet of lined paper on the test and put in back in the top drawer. The scantron and exxay sheets that have been written on go in the 3rd file drawer in ADAMS’ folder. If you can check off students’ names and put them in alphabetical order, that’d be great!


Friday, March 9th

I will be in between 10:30 and 11am. See you then.