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Please submit your time for this pay period (2/16-2/28) by Wednesday, 2/28. Technically, you are supposed to submit the hours by Noon, but REMEMBER TO INCLUDE ALL HOURS WORKED/TO BE WORKED FOR 2/28.

Put your signed timesheets in my box in the lab as usual, so I can sign them and report your hours.



As soon as you know your FINALS WEEK SCHEDULE, please let me know. I’ll put a blank copy of the schedule in everyone’s box.

Also, if you know your schedule/availability for SPRING TERM, please let me know.

I moved some folders from the top drawer to the 2nd drawer…

CANDEE’s PS 202 test #1 and BEANE’s PSY 215 Exams are in the 2nd drawer, since they are make-ups at this point.

If an Instructor wants to pick up/drop off tests in the lab…

If the Instructor has a student with her or him who needs to take an exam, then go ahead and check that student in.

Normally, Instructors shouldn’t be dropping off/picking up tests in the lab, however.

When taking breaks…

Hi Everyone,

If there are 2 people in the lab, when one person goes on break, let’s have the other person come sit at the front desk. I think somehow an Instructor was able to come take tests out of the file cabinet yesterday without us noticing… OOPS!


Some WRITTEN MAKE-Ups that are normally on COMPUTER

Hi Everyone,

Just a heads up that there is one WRITTEN test for KERMANSHAHCHE’s PS208 Exam and one WRITTEN test for PLUNKETT’s ART 202 Exam in the 2nd file drawer.

Both of these tests are COMPUTER, but there are WRITTEN make-ups for 2 people–their names are on the tests. 🙂

When the student logs into Moodle, but the class is not there…

1) Check to make sure that the exam is not a WRITTEN test–check both file drawers.
2) Have the student print her/his Schedule to see if s/he is registered for the class.
3) If the student IS registered for the class and the student is able to print the class schedule, but the class does not show up in MOODLE then contact me.

Yesterday we had 2 students who were registered in HO 100 (Medical Terminology) and although the class showed up on their class schedules, the class did not appear in MOODLE. It ended up that they were registered in a special High School Relations (RTECH) section of the course which the Instructor did not know about. I had to contact the Moodle Administrator to have the CRN added to the course.

When the PIN doesn’t work…

Problems with PIN’s/Logging in to MOODLE

If a student has trouble remembering her or his ExressLane PIN when trying to login to Moodle for a computer test, or if you are having trouble trying to Log them into a computer test, then here are some things to try:

1) Remember that MOODLE will only take PINs that are 6 characters.
2) Just like in ExpressLane the PIN’s are case-sensitive, which means if it contains upper and/or lower case letters, then it will make a difference–it needs to be entered exactly as the student originally entered it.
3)Double check the L#–make sure all 8 numbers are entered correctly.4) Try having the student enter his or her birthdate–2 digit month, day and year, OR just the first 6 characters of their PIN, if they are thinking it is more than 6 characters.
5) Have the student lookup their PIN question–using the computer in Cubicle X (TELL THE STUDENT NOT TO RE-SET THEIR PIN).
6) Check to make sure it’s not really a WRITTEN test the student needs.
7) If a student hits return after entering their PIN and it does not let them login, then have them re-enter the PIN (without hitting return).
8) If you’ve tried all of the above, we may need to have the student re-set their PIN. They can reset their PIN using the computer in Cubicle X. When the student re-sets their PIN, it may take several hours till the next update. PIN updates are at 5am, Noon, 4pm and 11PM. They start 5 minutes after the hour and typically, they’re finished within 15 minutes.


When students are taking exams which include essays, like KERMANSHAHCHE’s PS 208 Exam and PLUNKETT’s ART 202 Exam, be sure to tell students to hit the “Save without submitting” button as they are typing, so if there is a computer outage, then the essay will not be lost.

Students should still hit the “Submit all and Finish” button when they have completed their exam.

RAZA’s Online SOC 204 Exam

The Instructor allows students to use one 3 x 5 notecard.