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BLANK Timesheets for Feb. 1st-15th

For a new timesheet look in the folder in front of the mail boxes.

If you are a Learn & Earn Student, then use the GREEN timesheets.

If you are a Federal Work Study student, then use the BLUE timesheets.

If you are paid Hourly, then use the WHITE timesheets.

Color coding–gotta love it!

Broderick’s HST 202

Hi Everyone,

Please note: Sheila BRODERICK’s HST 202 TELECOURSE is a WRITTEN EXAM. It’s in the top file drawer.

There will also be MAKE-UPS for BRODERICK’s in-class sections of HST 202. Those will be in the 2nd file drawer with the students’ names on them. Please be sure NOT to give the in-class HST 202 students the TELECOURSE exam. Apparently this happened twice last term, so we should remember to ask students if they are in the Telecourse or the in-class section of the exam.

There are only 13 copies of the telecourse exam and 35 students need to take it, so please file the completed scantrons in the bottom file drawer and attach a new scantron to the test. File the test back up in the top drawer for the next student… Ask me if this isn’t clear–it’s labelled on the exams what you need to do…. (For the make-up exams, just file the whole thing in the botom drawer.)

I put a class list for the HST 202 TELECOURSE in the completed tests folder, so it would be great if you could clearly check off the names of the students who have taken the exam and put the scantrons in alphabetical order and clip them to the class list.



Timesheets are due on Wednesday, January 31st, Please include all hours worked from January 16th through the 31st.

Please fill out a paper copy of your timesheet. Be sure to sign it and please TOTAL the hours . The total number of hours should match what you enter in ExpressLane.

Starting this term, you need to be sure to fill out your timesheet and submit your time in ExpressLane by the deadline date or you may have to wait until the next pay period to get paid.

Please put the paper copies of your timesheets in the box in the lab with my name on it (it’s under the paper clips, etc.)



This is just to remind you that if you are taking classes which use the Testing Lab to give exams, then you need to tell your Instructors that you work in the Lab and that you have access to the exam. That way if they want to give you an alternate version of the exam, they can. It’s your responsibility to do this. 🙂


Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to WINTER TERM! We have 2 new folks joining us this term–Jeanee will be filling most of the Saturday shifts and Alexandra (Ally) will be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m glad to have them as part of our team!

We proctored over 3,000 exams last term–approximately 43% were Distance Learning classes. Over 66% of the exams we gave were computer exams. I really appreciate all of you for the assistance you give to students and how much you make my job easier!