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Defilippo’s PSY 201 TELECOURSE FInal Exam

REMEMBER to ask students if they are in the ONLINE class or the IN-CLASS section.

The ONLINE class is on COMPUTER–“Test Number Five”. Please disregard the Test 5 Version 2 and the “Where Do we go from Here”

The In-Class section is WRITTEN–2nd file drawer. There is a short answer part in addition to the multiple choice. Make sure students hand in ALL 3 parts of the exam, even if they decide not to do the short anwer.

BOTH Online and in-class sections are allowed to use ONE 3 x 5 notecard.

If you cannot find a test/cannot log a student into an exam…

REMINDER: Please do not hesitate to call me if you have a problem finding a test or logging someone into an exam.

Sometimes the Instructor is here in their office. In addition to Emailing the Instructor, students should go see if the Instructor is in her or his office.

WATROUS’ students’ assignments

Merrill Watrous had told her students that they could pick up their assignments in the Lab, but they are now in the Cooperative Education Dept. office, which is in Building 19, Room 231.

NAYLOR’s FN 225 Final Exam

This is a COMPUTER EXAM. They take Part #1 in the Lab. Part #2 they need to take somewhere else. 🙂


Your final timesheet must include hours worked from Friday, December 1st – Friday, December 8th.

Please make sure to sign the written copy and get it to me next week. You’ll also need to submit your time in ExpressLane by Friday, Dec. 8th.


is on computer and should be available Monday, Dec. 4th.

The in-class version is being sent to the printer’s. If you have a student who needs this exam, call me and I’ll see if I can get a copy.

LOFT’s CS120 Exam

This is a COMPUTER TEST. It’s not listed under WEEK 11–it’s at the TOP under “ASSIGNMENTS, ACTIVITIES and EXAMS”.

You can also click on “Quizzes” in the left hand menu and it will list all the exams.